Braxton County Higher Education Center -- Spring Semester

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Spring 2014
CRNSubjectCourse Number/SectionCourse NameDayCreditTimeInstructor
3513ENGL1104-27Written English IM33:00-5.50
2330HLCA1100-14Medical TerminologyW33:00-5:50Craddock
2174HLCA1101-03Introduction to Health Careers (Hybrid)V1TBA
2126HLCA1170-12Anatomy and PhysiologyR34:00-6:50
2127HLCA1171-13Anatomy and Physiology (Lab) R17:00-8:50
3574HLCA2205-03Phlebotomy Practicum (1st 8 Weeks) ARR1ARRWhite
3528LABA2206-02Advanced Laboratory SkilsM24:00-5:50White
3529LABA2207-02Advanced Laboratory Skils (LAB)M16:00-7:50White
2521LPNC1110-01Fundamentals/Soc Science II (1st 8 Weeks)TBA4TBAWigal
2520LPNC1112-01Mental Health (2nd 8 Weeks)TBA3TBAWigal
2522LPNC1115-01Pharmacology II OnlineV1VWigal
3316LPNC1134-01Med-Surg/Social Science IITBA6TBAWigal
3317LPNC1135-01Med-Surg/Social Science IITBA3TBAWigal
2865MATH0080-39Developmental MathT1 to 74:00-6:50Griffin
2461PSYC1101-12Introduction of PsychologyM34:00-6:50Woodyard

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