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Fall 2014
CRNSubjectCourse Number/SectionCourse NameDayCreditTimeInstructor
10725ACCT 2201-02Principles of Accounting IM37:00-9:50Nida
8352ART 1120-11Art AppreciationM34:00-6:50Cutright
8355CHEM 1101-17General Chemistry I T44:00-6:50Lynch
8356CHEM 1101-16General Chemistry I (Lab) T07:00-9:50Lynch
9469COMM 2200-24Introduction to Human Communication T34:00-6:50Sharpolisky
8954ECON 2201-05Economic Principles and Problems IM34:00-6:50Shelhammer
8357ENGL 0097-21Composition SkillsW34:00-6:50Westfall
10379ENGL1104-16Written English I T34:00-6:50Hawkins
8358ENGL 1108-41Written English II (2nd 8 Weeks)W34:00-7:50Super
8359ENGL 1109-07Technical Report Writing W34:00-6:50Sharpolisky
8360HIST 1107-14U.S. History IT34:00-6:50Hill
10769HIST1108-08U.S. History IIM37:00-9:50Hill
9863HIST2212-02World Civilization IIM34:00-6:50Bush, D.
9072HLCA 1170-05Anatomy and PhysiologyR34:00-6:50Hull
9073HLCA 1171-08Anatomy and Physiology (Lab) R17:00-8:50Hull
10381INFO 1100-01Computer Concepts & Applications R36:00-8:50Akers
10756INFO 1100-09Computer Concepts & Applications T37:00-9:50Payne
10518INFO 2220-02Spreadsheet DesignW34:00-6:50Akers
10382INFO 2225-01Fundamentals of Web DesignT34:00-6:50Akers
9256INTR 2280-03Empowering Leadership R35:00-7:50Belmear
10586MATH 0089-16Algebra Skills Lab (1st 8 Weeks)T/R14:00-5:50Arnold
10587MATH 0089-16Algebra Skills Lab (2nd 8 Weeks)T/R14:00-5:50Arnold
10694MATH 1100-08Intermediate AlgebraT/R34:00-5:50Griffin
10551MATH 1107-14Fundamentals Concepts of Mathematics W34:00-6:50Bush, P.
9075PHED 1100-13Fitness and WellnessW24:00-5:50Workman
10758PSYC 1101-19Introduction to Psychology M37:00-9:50Queen, D.
9254SCIE 1115-03Earth and SkyM44:00-7:50Smith
8366SOCY 1110-15Introductory Sociology (2nd 8 Weeks)T35:00-8:50Queen, D.
8530SOCY 2200-05Social Problems M34:00-6:50Woodyard

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