Welcome to the Office of Career Services

Pierpont's Mechatronics program prepares students for 21st Century jobs
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Welcome to the Office of Career Services

Pierpont Career Services assists students and alumni throughout every stage of their career development. Whether you are selecting a major, exploring career options, searching for employment opportunities, or preparing for the work force, we can help. We provide a full spectrum of services ranging from, but not limited to: mock interviews, how to write an effective resume, how to network and use social media, how to negotiate salary, and how to determine your career goals and plan your career path. We are here to provide you with the tools necessary to reach your goals and make significant contributions to employers and the community. 

EARN the Career You Deserve



  • Determine your major and career plan. 
  • Create your living resume and cover letter.
  • Create your career portfolio if applicable. 
  • Determine and inform references.  


  • Develop job search tools and skills. 
  • Practice interviewing skills - before, during, and after!
  • Learn how to dress the part.
  • Network and connect with employers. 
  • Stay informed about salary negotiation and accepting the job.


  • Gain experience through jobs, internships, community service, and/or community and campus involvement.
  • Continue professional development.  
  • Keep your resume and other career documents current. 
  • Stay connected with networking and social media. 
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