Pre-Health Careers Suggested Coursework


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2013 - 2014 Academic Catalog

Pre-Health Careers Suggested Coursework

Admittance into Health Careers programs at Pierpont Community and Technical College is very competitive. Not all students interested in those programs of study will qualify for acceptance into the program for a variety of reasons. Work closely with your advisor as you consider applying for admittance in any of the programs of study.

The following charts outline the suggested course offerings for the Health Career programs at Pierpont to help better prepare you for admission into the programs. Successful completion of these courses does not guarantee your admittance into the program.

You may also want to consider applying to the Certificate of Applied Science, Laboratory Assistant Program as you prepare for acceptance into an Associate level Health Career Program.  This program serves as an excellent foundational program for students desiring a career in one of the health fields.  Students receive one year of didactic instruction and laboratory training in basic and advanced laboratory skills, technical report writing, basic anatomy and physiology, CPR (Basic Life Support and safety procedures), venipuncture and capillary puncture techniques, and computer concepts and applications. 

Health Careers faculty can also help to direct students interested in transfer to Colleges and Universities with Health Careers programs of interest.

“Pre-Health Career” major designation may be given to a student for one year and then a major must be chosen. 

Check your COMPASS scores to determine in what level of Math and English you may enroll.  You may need to take MATH 0080 or ENGL 0097 as prerequisites to MATH 1106 or MATH 1107 or ENGL 1104. 

Refer to the website for specific admission criteria:


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