Powers and Duties


Cyndee K. Sensibaugh
Executive Assistant to the President
      and Board of Governors
Pierpont Community & Technical College
320 Adams Street, Suit 406
Fairmont, WV 26554
Phone:  304-367-4933
Email:  Cyndee.Sensibaugh@Pierpont.edu

Contact Info

Cyndee K. Sensibaugh
Executive Assistant to the President
Pierpont Community & Technical College
320 Adams Street, Suite 406
Fairmont, WV 26554

E-Mail: Cyndee.Sensibaugh@Pierpont.edu


Powers and Duties


    • Determine, control, supervise and manage the financial, business and education policies and affairs of the institution.
    • Develop a master plan for the institution, outlining missions, degree offerings, resource requirements, physical plant needs, personnel needs, enrollment levels, etc.
    • Update and meet goals of the institutional compact.
    • Utilize faculty, students, and classified employees in planning and decision making when those groups are affected.
    • Administer management of a personnel system, subject to Council rules, including classification, compensation, and discipline.
    • Solicit and utilize or expend voluntary support.
    • Appoint and compensate the President, with Council approval.
    • Discipline or terminate the President.
    • Conduct written performance evaluations of the President consistent with state code and rules.
    • Submit to the Council by a certain date each year an annual report on the institution’s performance in relation to master plan and compact.
    • Delegate, with prescribed standards and limitations, its powers to the President when the delegation is deemed necessary and prudent and notify the Council of the delegation.
    • Submit to the Commission and Council all data requested for Report Card.
    • Adopt rules and policies governing institution and as required by certain statutory provisions.
      • Textbook/bookstore
      • Parking
      • Credit card solicitation
      • Purchasing
      • Etc
    • Direct the preparation of budget requests for submission to the Council and Commission.
    • Enter into contracts on behalf of the institution.
    • Purchase or acquire all materials, supplies, equipment and printing required.
    • Adopt salary increase policies.
    • Issue revenue bonds.
    • Approve institutional operating and capital budgets.
    • Periodically review, at least every five years, all academic programs at the institution and address the viability, adequacy and necessity of each program in relation to the master plan and compact.
    • Conduct periodic studies of its graduates and their employers to determine placement patterns and effectiveness of the education experience.
    • Ensure that the sequence and availability of academic programs and courses are such that students may complete programs in a normal time frame.

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