Administrative Offices

 Pierpont Community & Technical College

Area Code: 304   
Office Phone Office # Name
President 367-4933 Veterans' Square Dr. Doreen M. Larson
Executive Assistant to the President 367-4933 Veterans' Square Cyndee Sensibaugh
Vice President for Academic Affairs 367-4786 HB 203 Leslie Lovett
Vice President for Finance and Administration 367-4786 HB 203 Dale Bradley
Administrative Assistant, Sr. 367-4786 HB 203 Dana Gribben
Administrative Associate 367-4602 HB 203 Lauren Adams
Vice President for Organization and Development 367-4692 Veterans' Square Steve Leach
Executive Secretary 367-4692 Veterans' Square Vickie Hedrick
Vice President for Workforce Development 367-4961 Veterans' Square Paul Schreffler
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO 333-3682 Veterans' Square Rob Linger
Executive Assistant to the President 367-4933 Veterans' Square Cyndee K. Sensibaugh
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources 367-4386 HB 324a Cynthia Curry
Dean for Regional Academics 368-7256 LW Dr. Jeani Hawkins 
Associate Vice President for Student Services 367-4907  HB 248 Jennifer Weist 
Administrative Assistant, Sr. for Student Services 367-4907 HB 248 Raimee Santee
Dean, School of Academic Studies 367-4294 JH 207 Dr. Raymond Mainenti
Dean, School of Business, Aviation and Technology 367-4632 ET 302a Dr. Gerald Bacza
Dean, School of Health Careers 367-4284 ED 211 Dr. Rosemarie Romesburg
Dean, School of Human Services 367-4919 ED 137 Brian Floyd
Dean, School of Workforce Development 367-4961 Veterans' Square Paul Schreffler
Director of Robert C. Byrd National Aerospace
Education Center
NAEC 116 
Thomas Stose 
Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships 333-3713 HB 248 Cynthia Hudok
Recruiting 367-4854 or 4359 HB 248 Memori Dobbs and Jasmine Bennett 


367-4141 Turley Center Evie Brantmayer

Director of Library Services

367-4122 LB Thelma Hutchins
Director of Advising, Assessment, and Testing 367-4990 HB 201 Nancy Parks

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