Offices/Services Directory


Area Code: 304     See bottom of page for building names
Schools Phone Location Name/Title
School of Academic Studies 367-4596 JH 207 Dr. Raymond Mainenti, Dean
School of Business, Aviation, and
367-4632 ET 302a Dr. Gerald Bacza, Dean
School of Health Careers 367-4284 ED 211 Dr. Rosemarie Romesburg, Dean
School of Human Services 367-4919 ED 137 Brian Floyd, Dean
School of Workforce Development 367-4961 Veterans' Square Dr. Paul Schreffler, VP and Dean
Offices & Services Phone Location Name/Title
           Sponsored Grants Accounting
HB 305
3rd Floor HB
Carolyn Fletcher, Director
Sandy Shriver, Office Admin., Sr
ACT Testing Services 367-4617  Library Charley Hively, Coordinator 
Admissions 367-4503 HB 230 Jennifer Weist, Assoc. VP Student Services
Adult Learning Center 367-4873 Library Kay Pitrolo
Advising 367-4990 HB 201 Nancy Williams Parks
Affirmative Action 367-4386 HB 324a Cynthia Curry, Director
Alumni Affairs 367-4692 Veterans' Square Steve Leach
Ballroom Dancing 367-4919 ED 137 Dr. Beth Newcome
Benefits Office 367-4113 HB 324 Ginger Burns, Benefits
Board of Governors A.A.S. Program 367-4990 Hardway 201 Nancy Parks, Advisor
Bookstore 333-3636 2nd Floor FAL Michelle Porter, Manager
Braxton County Center 368-7235 200 Jerry Burton
Dr., Sutton, WV
Dr. Jeani Hawkins, Dean
Bryant Place                               368-4986  
1st Floor
6th Floor
BP Jessica Cooper, RD
Budget  367-4654  HB 305  Deborah Stiles, Director 
Campus Apartments 367-4949 E. Garden Lane Porter Stiles
Caperton Center 367-4026 CC 130 Dr. Nancy McClure, Director
Caperton Center Library 367-4030 CC Pat Ellis & Tisha Lang
Career Services 367- HB 3 Brandy Smith
Catering Services Office 367-4090 Dining Hall FAL Cathy Basagic
CLEP Testing Services 367-4930 Veterans' Square Deborah Woods, Manager of 
Continuing Education 367-4961 Veterans' Square Dr. Paul Schreffler, Vice President for Workforce Development
Copy Center 367-4185 3rd Floor FAL Georgeann Cain
Correctional Center Classes 367-4961 CWE Anita Davis
Crisis Counseling Voice
VP 367-4072
Turley Center Counselor
CTE Consortium Coordinator 367-4094 Hardway 201 Linda Cronin
Dining Hall 367-4119 3rd Floor FAL John Kellar
Disability Services &
Psychological Services

VP 367-4072

Turley Center Andrea Pammer, Student
Therapist/ADA Counselor
Dual Enrollment (Early Entry) 368-7235 Lewis County Lisa Phillips, Coordinator
Facilities 367-4861 PP Tom Tucker, Assistant VP
Foundation (Pierpont Foundation) 534-8786    
Falcon Center Reception Desk 368-7222 FAL Robin Yeager, Director

Director of Center - 367-4783, Robin Yeager
Assistant Director - 368-7223, Kevin Philyaw
Aquatics - 367-4825
Fitness-Weight Room - 368-7226
Intramurals - 367-4291, Tina Mascaro
ID Cards - 368-7227, Shana Bock

Financial Aid and Scholarships 367-4892 HB 248 Cynthia Hudok, Director
Frank & Jane Gabor
West Virginia Folklife Center

367-4403 or

Gabor WV Folklife Center Dr. Judy Byers
Graduation Planning 367-4659 Turley Center Suzanne Gripper
Honors Program 367-4260 Turley Center Dr. J. Robert Baker
Housing 367-4216 
Turley Center Alicia Moore, Budget Director
Liza Abel, Coordinator
Leticia West, Admin. Sec., Sr.
Human Resources 367- 4386 HB 324a Cynthia Curry, Assistant VP
I.D. Card Center 368-7227 FAL (main desk) Shana Bock, Manager
Information Technology 333-3682 Veterans' Square Rob Linger, VP and CIO
Interpreting Services
for the Deaf
VP 367-4072
Turley Center Andrea Pammer, Coordinator
Intramural Sports 367-4291 FAL Gym 1 Tina Mascaro, Director
IT Solution Center 367-4810 Library Joanie Raisovich, Manager
Judicial Affairs 367-4503 Hardway 230 Jennifer Weist, Assoc. VP Student Services
Laboratory Assistant Program 367-4284 ED 211 Dr. Rosemarie Romesburg,
Laboratory Preschool 367-4846 ED 124 Barbara Pavel-Alvarez, Coordinator
Lewis County Center 368-7256 205 Minuteman
Way, Weston,WV
Dr. Jeani Hawkins, Dean
Library: Main Phone 367-4733 LB Thelma Hutchins, Director

Library Departments:
Circulation-Reserves - 367-4778
Coordinator of Reference and Instructional Services - 367-4617
Director of Library Services - 367-4122
Interlibrary Loan-367-4622
Periodicals - 367-4735
Reference - 367-4121
Technical Services - 367-4697

Mailroom 367-4243 PP Juddy McMasters
Medical Laboratory Technology 368-7205 ED 208 Dr. Rosemarie Romesburg, 
Morrow Hall 367-4649 MH Jessica Destefano, RD
National Aerospace Education Center 367-4800 Bridgeport, WV Thomas Stose, Director
Nickel 367-4976 2nd Floor FAL Rob Lemon 
Regional Academics 368-7256 LW

Dr. Jeani Hawkins, Dean

Payroll 367-4818 HB 324 Cinda Ewing, Director
Pence Hall 367-4648 PH Jessica Destefano, RD 
Physical Plant, Director 367-4861 PP Tom Tucker, Assistant VP
Placement Testing 367-4990 Hardway 201 Nancy Parks 
PRAXIS 367-4836 HB 202a Ann Lester
President 367-4933 Veterans' Square Dr. Doreen M. Larson, President
Prichard Hall 367-4647 PH2 Jessica Destefano, RD
Procurement 367-4711 HB 305 Monica Cochran, Director
Public Relations 367-4913 Veterans' Square Bo Sellers
Public Safety 367-4157 3rd Floor FAL Jack Clayton
Radiologic Technology 367-4284 ED 211 Dr. Rosemarie Romesburg,
Registrar 367-4141 Turley Center Evie Brantmayer
Residence Life 367-4216
Turley Center Dr. Tim Rice, Budget Director
Liza Abel, Coordinator
Leticia West, Adm. Sec., Sr.
Respiratory Care 367-4874 or 367-4876 Wallman Michael Walls, Program Coordinator
Ruth Ann Musick Library 367-4733 LB Thelma Hutchins, Director
Robert C. Byrd National Aerospace Education Center 367-4800 Bridgeport, WV Thomas Stose, Director
Solution Center 367-4810 Library Joanie Raisovich, Manager
Stockroom 367-4278 PP Brenda Johnson
Student Activities 333-3647 318 Colebank  
Student Employment 367-4836 222A Turley Center Savanna Shuck
Student Government 333-3665 105F Turley Center Meagan Gibson
Student Health Services 367-4155 3rd Floor FAL Trish Watson
Student IDs 368-7227 FAL (Main Desk) Shana Bock, Manager
Student Publications 367-4260 JH 311 Robert Baker, Advisor
Supply and Receiving 367-4278 PP Brenda Johnson
Teaching and Learning Commons 367-4810 Lib 126 Joanie Raisovich, Manager
TEAS Testing Services 367-4930 Veterans' Square Deborah Woods, Manager of
The Columns (student newspaper) 367-4260 JH 311  
Tutorial/Supplemental Instruction 367-4294 2nd Floor Library Linda King
Veterans' Services 367-4660 Turley Center  
Video Services 367-4172 LB 139 Jeff Miller
Wesley Foundation 363-8210 WF  
West Virginia Child Nutrition Center 367-4843 ED 141 Brooke Nissim-Sabat, Director
West Virginia Folklife Center 367-4403 ED 113 Dr. Judy Byers
Workforce & Economic Development 367-4961 Veterans' Square Paul Schreffler, Vice President
Workforce Investment Act, Trade Act, &
Weekend College
367-4907 HB 201 Miwa Edwards


Building Names & Abbreviations
AN Annex-Robert C Byrd Aerospace
BR Ballroom
BC Barbour County
BX Braxton County
BP Bryant Place
BUHS Buckhannon Upshur High School
CL Calhoun County
CWEF Center for Workforce Ed Facili
CB Clay Battelle High School
CA Clinical Affiliate
CH Colebank Hall
CPA College Park - Building A
CPB College Park - Building B
CPC College Park - Building C
CPD College Park - Building D
CPE College Park - Building E
CPF College Park - Building F
CPG College Park - Building G
CPH College Park - Building H
DC Doddridge County
EF East Fairmont High School
ED Ed, Health Careers, Home Econ
EH Elkins High
ET Engineering Tech Building
FS Fairmont Senior High School
FAL Falcon Center
FC Feaster Center
FE Fred Eberle Tech Center-Upshur
CC Gaston Caperton Center
GFCI Gilmer Co Federal Corr Insti
GCHS Gilmer Co High School
GH Grafton High School
HB Hardway Hall
HZ Hazelton Federal
CO High Tech Consortium
HH Hunt Haught Hall
HC Huttonsville
JH Jaynes Hall
KC Kennedy Center
LC Learning Resource Center
LW Lewis County
LI Library
LH Lincoln High School-Harrison
MSF Merchant Street Facility
MTEC Monongalia County Technical Center
MOR Morrow Hall
NM North Marion High School
OFH Off Campus Housing
PEN Pence Hall
PB Philip Barbour High School
PKHS Pickens High School
PO Pocahontas County
PC Preston County
PH Preston High School
PP Physical Plant
PRI Prichard Hall
PR Pruntytown
PS Public School
RC Randolph County
MT Robert C Byrd Aerospace Center
SHHS South Harrison High School
SC Student Center
TY Taylor County Vocational Ct
TV Television
TC Turley Center
RT Tygart Valley Evening-Marilyn
TG Tygart Valley High School
UHC United Hospital Cent-Clarksbur
UC United Technical Center
  Veterans' Square
WVU-R WVU-Ruby Hospital
WH Wallman Hall
WVU West Virginia University


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