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Pierpont and Fairmont State employees and their families, students’ spouses and dependents are eligible to purchase Falcon Center Memberships.

Proof of marriage and dependent status will be required. Up to age 24 years are eligible for dependent status.

 Membership Policies Booklet
To view our membership policies in detail in our booklet, please CLICK HERE.



Faculty & Staff MEMBERSHIP

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Faculty & Staff


1. Individual Faculty/Staff Member


2. Spouse of non participating employee


3. Family of Faculty/Staff Member (2 Members)

i.e. One employee & one spouse or dependent


4. Family Faculty/Staff Member (3 or more Members)

i.e. One employee, one spouse, all dependents


*A Dependent is eligible up to 24 years old

Student Memberships Rate/ SEMESTER
1. Student Spouse


2. Student Dependents

(Includes all dependents)


Walking Membership (Faculty & Staff Only)

The walking program includes access to the indoor walking track only (5 laps around equals one mile). A special card will be made to designate "walking" members only.

This membership is ONLY available to Fairmont State University & Pierpont Community Technicall College employees and retirees.

Semester: $50 (Payroll deduction is available for yearly program ONLY for FSU employees)

Yearly: $120Semester Locker Rental - $20

Yearly Locker Rental - $60 Yearly

*To register for any faculty/staff membership(s), please visit the Falcon Center Reception Desk for the registration forms.


Student Family MEMBERSHIP


Semester Memberships

1. Student Spouse-$75

2. Student Dependents-(Includes all dependents) $50

Are you a current student NOT taking classes on Main Campus but would like to use the Falcon Center?

(Fall, Spring, Summer) – for the summer semester you must be register for the Fall

Semester Locker Rental - $20


Community Membership

Indvidual Yearly-$400
Individual Semester-$160
Family (Yearly Only)(2 members-includes one adult)-$500
Family (Yearly Only)(3 or more members-includes one adult & all dependents)-$800

*A dependent is eligible for up to 24 years old.

To register for a membership, please complete the online membership form by Clicking here...

For further options to utilize the Falcon Center, please contact the reception desk at 304-368-7222.

Semester Locker Rental - $20

Yearly Locker Rental - $60 Yearly




Under 16 years: An adult must accompany the child through the customer service desk and remain with the child in the facility.

16 years and older: Youth can enter the facility without adult supervision.




1. Misrepresenting your association with Pierpont Community & Technical College or Fairmont State University to obtain an identification card to the Falcon Center will result in immediate termination without refund.

2. Pierpont or Fairmont State employees are not allowed to continue usage of the Falcon Center upon termination of employment at Pierpont or Fairmont State University .

3. Once a membership has been purchased, there is no freezing of accounts or refunds. Exception: Pierpont or FSU employees can cancel payroll deduction through membership services. They will be able to rejoin, but will not be able to re-start payroll deduction for six months after cancellation.

4. Employee memberships are both yearly by the semester, and student family memberships are per semester. Memberships will be paid in advance with cash, check or charge card, except for eligible employees who pay with payroll deduction.

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