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Family members and others who are supporting a student have a vested interest in the experience their student has leading up to admission, through enrollment, and including graduation. To help you and your student remain on track throughout each phase in the higher education pursuit, we provide several informative and enjoyable programs/events, a handful of which are outlined below:

Campus Visitation Day: A bi-annual visitation/open house event intended to familiarize prospective students and their families with our institution (from financial aid and housing to student life and academics). Guests will enjoy complimentary lunch, participate in special sessions, meet directly with faculty, have the option to tour campus and much more. For more details and to RSVP, please visit

Registration: In the months leading up to each new semester, multiple Registration programs are held for newly admitted or readmitted students and their families. Students receive an invitation (both via postal mail and email) and RSVP to attend. During the program, students finalize financial aid and housing arrangements, and schedule classes (if they have not done so otherwise beforehand). A variety of programs are offered on the main campus in Fairmont (from daytime programs to evening programs) and special Registration programs are also offered for students enrolling in classes at the Gaston Caperton Center in Clarksburg, WV, as well as at the Robert C. Byrd Aerospace Center in Bridgeport, WV.

Orientation and Welcome Weekend: The weekend before each fall semester begins, two connected events take place, each geared at acclimating new students to our campus and preparing them for success. Welcome Weekend, which includes Residence Hall Move-In, is designed specifically for new students who will reside on-campus. The Welcome Weekend resident experience kicks off on Friday before the fall semester commences and continues through Saturday night with a number of fun, entertaining, group-building, and informational activities. Welcome Weekend will not only acclimate students to life on the campus, but will also ensure that each student steps off into the adjustment and transition period on the right foot, comfortable with his/her surroundings and peers.

On Sunday, Welcome Weekend wraps up and Orientation begins! The Orientation program is intended for all new students (commuters and residents) and will serve to prepare students for the mission ahead. During Orientation, each student will obtain a parking pass (if needed), will finalize and confirm his/her class schedule, and will be oriented to his/her academic school/college by his/her academic dean and faculty specifically. Expectations will be established (both academically and socially) and students will be made even more familiar with campus facilities, support services, and even local businesses (including banks and credit unions).

Students admitted to the fall semester should watch the mail and the homepage for more information about Welcome Weekend and Orientation. Students who enroll in classes at the Gaston Caperton Center in Clarksburg, WV, should watch for information on the Back-to-School Bash held at that location around the same time.


When a child goes to college, it’s a major life event. This passage can leave you wondering what to do as an “empty nester” and your student trying to figure out how to run his or her life.

Here are some suggestions for surviving your student’s first semester at college:

Help with the move. This will ensure that your student arrives here equipped with his or her CD collection and a warm winter coat.

Cry in private. Your child is embarking on a grand adventure and you’re going back to work. Cry away. But smile bravely in front of your kid. He or she needs your support.

Provide a phone card. Hopefully your student will use it to call home.

Phone regularly, not constantly. The first week, call occasionally to see if your student needs anything, but avoid calling every day. You don’t want to smother your student.

E-mail. This is an easy way for students to communicate, especially when they’re busy with exams. It’s also cheaper than long-distance.

Send money. Students are always broke. A $20 bill tucked into a card can buy a couple of nights of dinner out or a movie and some popcorn.

Stay positive. Eventually everyone flubs a test or writes a less-than-stellar paper. Listen and commiserate. And if problems persist, encourage your student to see an academic advisor or seek tutoring.

Encourage campus involvement. Students tend to enjoy school more if they feel part of the community. One way to accomplish this is to participate in campus activities and organizations.

Mail something. Students love seeing letters and packages in their mailbox. Some homemade cookies or even a card can brighten a college student’s stressful week.

Pat yourself on the back. Many high school graduates never attend college and your child is enrolled in a school that prides itself on helping students succeed. Congratulations!

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