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Pierpont Community & Technical College is pleased to provide this student aid calculator to assist you in estimating your costs to attend Pierpont.  Results are based on 2012-13 Cost of Attendance figures and student aid eligibility requirements which are subject to change.  These results should assist you in determining an estimate of your out-of-pocket expense to attend Pierpont.

Through the fundraising efforts of the Fairmont State Foundation, Inc., Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College are able to offer generous scholarship support to students. Potential and current students may apply for any and all of the following scholarship opportunities by completing the application here.

Scholarship/Award Name
Awarding Criteria
Nancy Marie Duling Memorial Teacher Education Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, WV Resident, 3.0 GPA, 58 hrs completed Education
Harold S. “Deacon” Duvall Football
FSU football, Marion Co. HS Grad, NCAA nad WVIAC eligible Athletics
Faculty Textbook Scholarship
  FSU Provost
Fairmont Coca-Cola Scholarship
Financial need Financial Aid
Fairmont Concert Association Music Endowed Scholarship
Music, 3.0 GPA Fine Arts
Fairmont Moose Lodge #9, Loyal Order of Moose, Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, Financial Need Financial Aid
Fairmont State Alumni Association Scholarship
Child of FSU or Pierpont Alumna, incoming freshman, 3.5 GPA Alumni Associaton
Fairmont State Alumni Association Strengthening Institutions Phase I Scholarship
Financial Need, 2.5 GPA, Renewable Alumni Association
Fairmont State University/Pierpont Classified Staff Council Scholarship
Classified Staff Employee/spouse/dependent FS Classified Staff Scholarship Committee
Nicola Fantasia Family Fund
East Fairmont High School Grad, 2.75 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
Martha Flesher Endowed Scholarship
Teacher Education Major Education
Eleanor M. Ford Outstanding Junior Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, 3.4 GPA, 58 hrs completed in a college of Science & Tech degree Science and Tech
Eleanor M. Ford Outstanding Senior Award
Senior, Full-time, 4 yr degree within College of Science & Tech Science and Tech
Joe and Bill Ford Scholarship
Men’s basketball, NCAA and WVIAC eligible Athletics
Freshman Speech Communication Scholarship (Neely)
Enrolled in Freshman speech communications program Fine Arts
The Ernest W. Frye Outstanding Student in Computer Science Award
Computer Science Jr/Sr Computer Science
Gamma Chi Chi Alumnae
Full-time, female, 3.0 GPA Financial Aid
Harry J. Hadley Award for Teaching Excellence
Ruby and Harold Halfin Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, Technology Ed, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Technology
Wendell G. Hardway Award for Excellence in Teacher Education
Teacher Education 3.5 GPA, 96 hrs completed Education
Wendell G. Hardway Distinguished Scholarship
WV resident, 3.0 GPA, FSU Student Financial Aid
Glenn A. Harman Accounting Excellence Scholarship
Full-time, Accounting Jr, 3.5 GPA Accounting
Howard E. and Mary A. Haught Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, 3.4 GPA Financial Aid
The A. and L. Hawkins Graduates Student in English Award
Grad program, Secondary Teacher Education, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need School of Education
The Heaney Family Descendants Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, 3.0 GPA, not eligible for federal or state grant aid Financial Aid
Hermits Hollow, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
Pierpont C&TC student Pierpont C&TC
A. Brooks & Margaret Higinbotham Endowed Scholarship Fund in Memory of Dorothy Quintrell
Vet Tech Major, 3.0 GPA, WV resident Pierpont C&TC
J. T. Honce Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Health careers, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Pierpont C&TC
Donald F. Hoyt Distinguished Scholarship
WV resident, 3.0 GPA, Pierpont C&TC student Financial Aid
Benjamin Harrison and Kathryn Guthrie Ice Scholarship
FSU Student, Financial Need Financial Aid
American Assoc. of University Women-Fairmont Branch
Sophomore, 2.75 GPA, WV resident Financial Aid
James J. Arcure Endowed Scholarship
FSU baseball, NCAA and WVIAC eligible Athletics
Ashton, Football Scholarship, James & Debbie
Freshmen football, from Western PA, WVIAC and NCAA eligible Athletics
Athletic Scholarship Fund
Student athlete, NCAA eligible Athletics
Rodney Baird Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Women’s volleyball, NCAA eligible Athletics
William & Doretha Clayton Barns Prize in History Award
History/Social Studies, 3.0 GPA Social Science
Eddie & Betty Barrett Endowed Scholarship
Teacher Education w/64 hrs, 3.4 GPA, Financial Need Education
Eddie Barrett Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, Athletic participant, 2.5 GPA Athletics
Stanley & Mary Beafore Scholarship
Business, 3.0 GPA, paper required Business
Geraldine & Horace Belmear Outstanding Academic Award
Full-time sophomore, 3.0 GPA Student Affairs
Bruce F. Betts Endowed Scholarship
Sophomore, Art, 2.5 college average and 3.0 art average Fine Arts
L. O. Bickel Endowed Scholarship
Student athlete, NCAA/WVIAC eligible Athletics
Grace O. and Kenneth (Mike) Birmingham Endowed Football Scholarship
Football Athletics
Russell F. Bonasso Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, 2.5 GPA, Financial need Financial Aid
Russell F. Bonasso Endowed Family Scholarship
Full-time, 2.5 GPA, Financial need Financial Aid
George W. Bowers Family Charitable Trust
Full-time, 2.5 GPA Financial Aid
Dorothea Poling Brand Endowment
Full-time, 3.0 GPA, Elementary Ed Major Education
Bridgeport Rotary Club Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, 2.75 GPA, Financial need Financial Aid
James David Brooks Memorial Art Endowed Scholarship Fund
Junior/senior Art Ed major Fine Arts
Robert C. Byrd Distinguished Scholarship
WV resident, 3.0 GPA Financial Aid
Gaston Caperton Distinguished Scholarship
WV resident, 3.0 GPA Financial Aid
James O. Carpenter, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Women’s basketball Athletics
Robert L. Carroll Annual Scientific Lecture Series Fund
Math or Physics, 2.5 GPA, Financial need Science and Tech
Gregory Cecchinelli Memorial Scholarship
Basketball Athletics
Carolyn Coakley-Hicherson Memorial Scholarship
Language & Literature, Financial need Language and Lit
Coleman-Cobb-Postawa Award
  Science and Tech
Kenneth Colebank Endowed Scholarship
2.5 GPA, Financial need Financial Aid
Dr. James E. Coleman/Dr. Elizabeth D. Swiger Endowed Chemistry Scholarship
Second year chemistry, 3.0 GPA Chemistry
A. Joyce H. Coleman Memorial Scholarship
Math Major, 3.0 GPA Science and Tech
Conley CPA Group Accounting Excellence Award
Accounting major Business
Consol, Inc. Scholarship
Technology major Science and Tech
Timothy Cook Memorial Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, Student athletic trainer Athletics
Crystal-Miller-Morris Scholarship Endowment Fund
Completed 24 hrs w/2.75 GPA Education
Matthew S. DeVito Memorial Scholarship
Chemistry/Environment Engineering, Financial need Financial Aid
Daniel Dicken Memorial Scholarship
Technology, 2.5 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
Robert J. Dillman Distinguished Scholarship
WV resident, 3.0 GPA, Financial Aid
Robert and Roseann. Dillman Endowed Scholarship
3.0 GPA Financial Aid
Dream, Succeed & Lead
Non-traditional Business Business
Janet Dudley-Eshbach Book Award
First-time Freshman, Financial Need Financial Aid
Mary Esther and Dr. Byron Jackson Endowed Scholarship
  Language and Lit
Stonewall Jackson Civic Club of Clarksburg - S. J. Birshtein Non-Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
Mary B. and Edgar N. Jaynes Endowed Scholarship
Commerce, Financial Need Business
Margaret H. Robinson Kalb Class of 1931, Endowed Scholarship Fund
Full-time student, 3.5 GPA, 27 ACT/1200 SAT, Financial Need Financial Aid
L. Roger Kennedy Endowed Scholarship
High academic ability, Financial need Financial Aid
Blanche Kinney Fine Arts Endowed Scholarship
Drama/speech/music/art major Fine Arts
S. M. Kisner Family Endowed Scholarship
Non-traditional, FSU Nursing, 3.0 GPA Nursing
Harry and Margaret Lamb Endowed Scholarship
Full-time nursing, 3.0 GPA Nursing
George E. Lambert Family Endowed Fund for Education
Full-time, accounting, 2.0 GPA Business
William C. Larew Sr
Math or Science, 2.5 GPA Math and Science
James A. LaRue Mathematics Award
Math major, Graduating SR Science and Tech
Mary Reitz Leeming Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Nursing major Nursing
Mont and Edith Levine & Jack and Clara Stern Endowed Scholarship
3.0 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
Life Long Learner Scholarships
Age 35 or older, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Pierpont C&TC
Lockheed Martin ‘Leaders in Criminal Justice” Scholarship
Criminal Justice major Liberal Arts
Marjorie R. Hoult Lough Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, Teacher Education, 3.4 GPA Education
Margaret MacLuckie Scholarship
Math Education, applicant to M.A.T. program Education
Jo S. Mallamo Memorial Scholarship
2 yr Nursing, completed 1st yr, 3.0 GPA Nursing
Manchin Family Endowed Scholarship
NMHS graduate, 2.5 GPA Financial Aid
Joe & Gayle Manchin Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, from Marion County HS, Financial Need Financial Aid
Frank Mangano New Student Orientation Counselor Endowed Scholarship
2nd yr counselor, 2.5 GPA, Full-time Financial Aid
Marco’s Can-Am Endowed Scholarship
Golf team member, NCAA eligible Athletics
Marion County Little Theatre Endowed Scholarship
Theatre purposes only Dramatics Dept
The Gilbert & Lenora Martin and James & Lena Dabato Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Student athlete, NCAA/WVIAC eligible, Financial Need Athletics
Nola A. Matthew Endowed Scholarship
WV resident, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
Nola A. Matthew Nursing & Allied Health Admin Endowed Scholarship
TBD School of Nursing & Allied Health Admin Nursing and AHA
Robert W. McCollum Memorial Endowed Scholarship
General athletic scholarship Athletics
McCutcheon & Raikes Tennis Scholarship
WV resident, male/female tennis, NCAA eligible Athletics (Tennis Coaching Staff)
The Meredith Family Scholarship
Full-time, Financial Need Financial Aid (Meredith Family Scholarship Committee)
Sharon Weaver Messmore Endowed Scholarship
Preference to Education major, Fairmont Sr High Graduate Education
Dr. David and Sharon Moffa Endowed Scholarship
2.5 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
Alan B. Mollohan Distinguished Scholarship
WV resident, 3.0 GPA, Pierpont C&TC student Pierpont C&TC, Financial Aid,
Robert and Helen Mollohan Endowed Scholarship
Financial need Financial Aid
Shari Roberts Muriale Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mens Basketball, NCAA/WVIAC eligible Athletics
Mildred Haney Murray Endowed Scholarship
Full-time health/physical education major, Woman athlete, NCAA eligible Athletics
Mathew M. & Alberta R. Neely Endowed Scholarship
Fine Arts Major Fine Arts
Neighbourhood Investment Program
Household income below 125% of national poverty level Foundation and Financial Aid
Nepal Endowed Scholarship Fund
Being developed FSU President/Provost and Nepalese Coordinator
Joanna Violet Nesselroad Scholarship
Full-time student, Early Childhood, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Pierpont C&TC
Mildred Mason Newcome Endowed Scholarship
English, WV resident, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Language and Lit
Emily Leaf Nichols Alumni Scholarship
Business major, 2.5 GPA, Financial Need Business, Financial Aid and FSU Alumni Association
Len Nossokoff & Sons Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Student athlete, NCAA eligible, Financial Need Athletics
Myles O’Dell Achievement Scholarship
Fine Arts/Music Fine Arts
Vince Palmer Endowed Scholarship
Criminal Justice, Mon County resident, 2.5 GPA Liberal Arts
T.J. & Madge Herndon Pearse Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, WV native, Elementary or science education, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Education
Juanita “Fletch” Pearson Memorial Scholarship
Non-traditional WV student, Nursing major, 3.0 GPA Nursing
Salvatore, Anne, Thomas, James, and Giovanni Peluso Scholarhip
Language & Literature major, 3.0 GPA, paper may be required Language and Lit
The PEO Endowed Scholarship
Non-traditional, Health Science major, Financial Need Health Sciences
Pepsi Bottling Group Scholarship
  Admissions & Recruitment
The Walter F. Phillips, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Engineering major, 3.0 GPA Science and Tech
Dr. William E. Phillips – Leadership Marion Scholarship
FSU sophomore, 3.0 GPA, Essay required Financial Aid (Leadership Marion Committee)
The Anthony J. and Josephine Pitrolo Endowed Scholarship
Full-time Business & Economics Business
Andee Pollastrini Scholarship
Non-traditional Nursing major Nursing
Woodrow A. Potesta Scholarship of Accounting
Accounting major, 2.0 GPA Business
Frank Pulice, Jr., Endowed Scholarship Fund
Member of Theta Delta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Financial Need Financial Aid
Milan Puskar Distinguished Scholarship
WV Resident, 3.0 GPA, Pierpont C&TC Student Financial Aid
Quota International of Fairmont Endowed Scholarship
Full-time sophomore or junior, 3.0 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
Claude and Stacie Morris Rader Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Health Careers, 3.0 GPA Nursing
The Victor and Mary Carr Rancinger Endowed Scholarship
Full-time Elementary Education, Financial Need Education
R & E Electric Endowed Scholarship
Graduate of East/West Fairmont or NMHS, 2.0 GPA Financial Aid
Joseph “Jo Jo” Retton Endowed Scholarship
Mens basketball, NCAA eligible Athletics
Rhodes Culinary Arts Scholarship
Full-time, Culinary Arts, 2.0 GPA, Financial Need Culinary Arts
Rhodes Dietary Management
Dietary Management sophomore, 2.0 GPA Culinary Arts
The Haddon and Nettie Morgan Rhodes Endowed Scholarship
Elementary/Secondary Education, 3.0 GPA, 21 ACT/990 SAT Education
Alva J. Rice Endowed Scholarship
Successful completion of 94 hours toward Baccalaurete Degree, 3.4 GPA Financial Aid
Charles L. & Ethel W. Righter Endowed Scholarship
Lincoln High School graduate, 2.0 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
John D. Rockefeller IV Distinguished Scholarship
WV Resident, 3.0 GPA, Pierpont C&TC student Financial Aid
Madge Rogers Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Sophomore Nursing major, 3.5 GPA Nursing
The William C. Ruoff Outstanding Senior Chemistry Award
Senior Chemistry major Chemistry
Frank and Florence Sansalone Scholarship
Business major, 3.0 GPA, paper may be required Business
Vincent & Catherine Sansalone Scholarship
Science or Math major, 3.0 GPA, paper may be required Science and Mathematics
Lundix & Angela Saverino Scholarship
Fine Arts or Education major, 3.0 GPA, paper may be required Fine Arts or Educatin
Louis Schoolnic Endowed Scholarship
Junior, Commerce major, WV Resident, 3.0 GPA, Full-time Business
John Shaw Award
Must agree to not use tobacco and alcoholic beverages while receiving the award Financial Aid
B. J. O’Dell Sherman Endowed Scholarship
Theatre/dramatic arts major, 2.0 GPA, NMHS graduate Financial Aid
Shurtleff-Toothman Endowed Scholarship
NMHS graduate Financial Aid
Ruth M. Skaggs Award
Family and Consumer Sciences major, 26 hrs completed, 3.0 GPA Education
Datha Gene Smith Foundation Scholarship
Full-time, Marion County resident, 2.0 GPA Financial Aid
Delbert Smith Endowed Scholarship
No restrictions Delbert Smith Scholarship Committee
Rev. Donal “Jack” Squires Endowed Scholarship
Football team, NCAA/WVIAC eligible, Financial Need Athletics
Leah and Franc Stern Women’s Athletic Scholarship
Female Athlete, NCAA/WVIAC eligible Athletics
Michael Stonestreet Endowed Scholarship
Robert C. Byrd NAC student(s) NAC director and senior faculty
Harold and Roselyn Williamson Straight (Faculty Development) Award
To honor outstanding/innovative/distinctive teaching in 4 or 2 year programs. Faculty Dev. Comm.
Christiane Buck Sweeney
French or French Education major, 3.0 GPA Language and Lit
J. Lyle Tatterson Charitable Trust
WV high school graduate, 2.5 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
TBI Turley-Wallman Endowed Scholarship
TBI fraternity member, 3.0 GPA, Full-time student Financial Aid (TBI sholarship committee)
John Teahan Memorial Endowed Scholarship
English (literature), 3.0 GPA Language and Lit
Adna Thomas Endowed Scholarship
Full-time student, 3.0 GPA Financial Aid
Robert (Buck) Thompson Family Scholarship
Business, 3.0 GPA, Mens basketball, Financial Need Athletics
Beatrice Trotto Endowed Scholarship
EFHS graduate, 2.0 GPA, Financial Need Financial Aid
William and Linda Ullom Music Education Scholarship in Memory of Susan Ullom
Fine Arts pursuing B. A. in Education w/(K-12) Music Fine Arts
William and Linda Ullom Nursing Scholarship in Memory of Susan Ullom
BSN Nursing Student Nursing
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US Post 629 Endowed Scholarship
Full-time incoming freshman, 2.0 GPA, or combat veteran with GED, Financial Need Financial Aid
Helen Romano Viggiano Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship
Full-time, Elementary Education major, 3.0 GPA Education
Julius “Julie” Viglianco Memorial Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Mens basketball team, NCAA eligible Athletics
Virginia P. & Richard P. Wellock Music Endowed Scholarship
Music major Fine Arts
WesBanco Bank Fairmont, Inc. Endowed Scholarship Award
Business & Economics major, 3.0 GPA, Full-time, Financial Need Business
WesBanco Business Graduate Degree Endowed Scholarship
MBA program, 3.0 GPA Business (MBA Director)
West Virginia Society of Washington, DC Book Scholarship Fund
Incoming freshmen, WV resident, Financial Need Financial Aid
Stark A Wilmoth Outstanding Student Teacher Award
Teacher education major Education
Eric and Jennifer Wilson Basketball Scholarship
WV resident, NCAA/WVIAC eligible, Womens basketball, Financial Need Athletics
W. R. “Squibb” Wilson Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Men’s baseball, NCAA eligible, Financial Need Athletics
Women of Fairmont State University and Pierpont C&TC
  To be decided by the Committee
Betty Jo Wright (class of 1941) Social Work Scholarship
Sociology/Psychology Junior, 3.0 GPA, desire to obtain MSW Liberal Arts
Joe & Louise Zasloff Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Marion County HS grad joining football, NCAA eligible Athletics

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