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Debra Benedetti
Writing Coordinator
Pierpont School of Academic Studies
201-A Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4803

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Linda King, Assistant Professor and Math Coordinator
Pierpont School of Academic Studies
Room 201 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4081

Math 0093, General Math

Math 0093 is a course designed for students who need assistance in mastering their basic math skills, including performing basic math operations of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents. Students in this class will master adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with "real world" applications. Students must take this course if they score below 17 on the COMPASS test.  Math 0093 students take a comprehensive, departmental final. Students must earn 78% or better in the course; attendance is required.

Math 0094, Pre-Algebra

Math 0094 is the first of a two-tier developmental algebra program. Students in Pre-Algebra study order of operations, fractions, solving elementary equations, and working elementary word problems. Students with a limited background in algebra should enroll; furthermore, all students who score between 17 and 25 on the COMPASS test must enroll. Math 0094 students take a comprehensive, departmental final. Students must earn 78% or better in the course; attendance is required.

Math 0095, Elementary Algebra

Math 0095 is the algebra course required of ALL students who score below a 19 on the Math portion of the ACT or below a 460 on the SAT (Recentered) math portion. Furthermore, successful completion of the course is necessary before such students can enroll in any college math course. Elementary Algebra requires that students have a mastery of the material presented in Pre-Algebra. All students who earn a CREDIT in Math 0094 or score between 25 and 35 on the COMPASS test are permitted to enroll. Elementary Algebra covers number systems, fundamental laws of algebra, algebraic operations, and linear equations in one and two variables. Students will be expected to have already mastered the manipulation of fractions and positive and negative integers and should be able to solve elementary equations.  Students in Math 0095 must earn a 75% or better for CREDIT in the course; attendance is required.

Math 1100, Intermediate Algebra

Math 1100 is required of all students who want to enter Math 1112 and have a math ACT score below 21 or a COMPASS score below 36.  Also, some programs of study within the Community and Technical College require Math 1100 as that program’s credit-for-graduation math course.  Math 1100 is a course in techniques for performing operations on polynomial, exponential, and rational expressions and subsequently solving linear and quadratic equations and inequalities.  The course also covers equations and inequalities using absolute value and function notation.Intermediate Algebra (Math 1100) cannot be used as mathematics credit toward certification for teaching mathematics or for the Liberal Studies Requirement in mathematics. The pre-requisites for Math 1100 are credit in Math 0095, or a COMPASS score of 26 or higher, or a math ACT score of 19 or higher.

English 0092, Basic Reading and Study Skills 

English 0092 emphasizes basic reading techniques and study skills necessary to succeed in college-level courses.  It is recommended for students scoring below a 17 on the Reading portion of the ACT and 75 on the COMPASS test or who have difficulty with academic tasks in general. The course offers individualized and group instruction for college-level reading tasks, including word recognition, vocabulary and comprehension skills, and for study skills, including time management, textbook comprehension, note-taking, study techniques, and test preparation. Incoming basic literacy is assumed. Credit hours will not apply toward hours required for graduation.

English 0097, Composition Skills

English 0097 is required of all ALL students scoring below an 18 on the English portion of the ACT, below 450 on the SAT (Recentered) verbal section, or below 71 on the writing portion of the COMPASS test.  This computer-enhanced course focuses on improving skills in written composition to help students develop the skills necessary to earn a "C" or better in English 1104. The course emphasizes the generation of a series of multi-paragraph essays. According to state college system mandates, to earn a Credit in the class and move on to college-level writing, students must be able to write an essay that demonstrates the following characteristics: a central idea or thesis; 

  • an introduction/body/conclusion; 
  • paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details; 
  • complete, grammatical sentences with some variety in syntax; 
  • appropriate word choice; 
  • clear flow of ideas from one part to another; and 
  • proficient use of standard English punctuation and spelling.

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