Beginning Fall 2012, MATH 0093-0095 will be replaced with MATH 0081-0088.  

  • Each course is now 1 credit hour representing 1 module/chapter.  
  • Courses are now Mastery Based.
  • For Locust Avenue Campus, students will meet with their instructor 2 hours per week and 1 hour in a proctored lab. A minimum of 1 hour of coursework is to be done on students’ own time.  
  • For students at other campus locations, the instructor will set the requirements. 

What’s the Same?

  • Still use MyLabsPlus and the book is the same. 
  • Cover the same material as MATH 0094-0095. 

How do you register for your Developmental Math course?

  • All developmental math students need to register for Developmental MATH 0080. 
  • This course is VARIABLE CREDIT HOURS.  You MUST select the number of hours in which you wish to enroll.

How many MATH 0080 credit hours do you need? 

  • Please begin with the recommended hours. You will be able to sign up for additional hours as time permits.
  • Completing your developmental math work will require 6 to 8 credit hours depending on your major.
  • All students with an ACT < 19 or a COMPASS score < 36 will need to complete MATH 0081. 
  • Students who need to take MATH 1101 will need to complete MATH 0081-0088.


Students with MATH 0093, 0094 or 0095 credit:

MATH 0093 credit MATH 0080 3 credit hours recommended*
MATH 0094 credit MATH 0080 2 credit hours recommended*#
MATH 0095 credit College Level MATH

*Please do not exceed these recommended hours.
#Students who need MATH 1101 should sign up for 4 hours of MATH 0080.


15-16 2 hours
17-25 3 hours
26-35 4 hours
36 or better College Level Math

What will be on your Transcript?

At the end of the semester, depending on the number of modules/chapters you complete, the following will appear on your transcript:

Math 0081- Signed numbers and order of operations- 1 Credit Hour

Math 0082- Solving linear equations and inequalities-1 Credit Hour

Math 0083- Graphing linear equations and inequalities-1 Credit Hour

Math 0084- Solving systems of linear equations-1 Credit Hour

Math 0085- Operations with Exponents and Polynomials-1 Credit Hour

Math 0086- Factoring and Applications-1 Credit Hour

Math 0087- Rational Expressions and Applications (Required for Math 1101) -1 Credit Hour

Math 0088- Roots, Radicals and Solving Quadratic Equations (Required for Math 1101) -1 Credit Hour



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