Liberal Studies Degree

Overview of the Liberal Studies Associate of Arts Degree Program

 The Liberal Studies Associate of Arts degree is excellent for students who wish to complete a degree before planning a specific career objective. Some technical and professional occupations require applicants to have completed at least two years of college before entering their training program. The Liberal Studies degree will give students that background.

This degree also benefits those students who are undecided about a major and those who wish to improve their general education or update their skills. The courses follow the Liberal Studies curriculum of Fairmont State University. The Liberal Studies major will complete 60 hours including:

15 hours General Education Requirements: Written English I & II, Math, Info 1100, Communications 2200
  6 hours Culture/Civilization Exploration options
  6 hours Artistic/Creative Appreciation and Interdisciplinary Studies
  8 hours Scientific Discovery
  6 hours from the Society/Human Interactions
19 elective hours

The Liberal Studies Degree is useful for students with the following goals:

Gaining entrance to a professional and technical occupation that requires applicants to complete at least two years of college work before it will accept them.

Completing a two-year degree before planning specific career objectives.

Continuing or transferring into four-year degree programs.*

Obtaining a two-year degree when temporarily unable to complete a four-year degree.

Exploring the liberal arts to facilitate career selection.

Improving general education.

Updating skills and knowledge in the liberal arts.

*Students planning to transfer to four-year programs should consult the requirements of those programs to select the most appropriate courses in the Liberal Studies program.

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