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Megan Echols is the Program Assistant for the School of Academic Studies.  She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education with a specialization in math grades 5-9.  She has worked for Academic Studies since 2011.  Before taking this position, she worked in Enrollment Services and the Business Office.


 Patrick Albano

Dr. Patrick Albano is Professor of Academic Studies/History.He holds a doctorate from Drew University, Madison, NJ in Interdisciplinary Studies and degrees from East Stroudsburg and Rutgers University. He completed post-graduate work at Temple University in Military History. Dr. Albano has held fellowships with the National Endownment Humanities, West Point Military Academy and the University of Southern California [Asian Studies]. He teaches the History of Asia, Warfare, Diplomacy, Intelligence as well as World and U.S. history survey courses. He has been a visiting professor at both Shippensburg University and Lockhaven University in Pennsylvania for two years.

124 Hardway Hall

(304) 367-4196

E-mail: Patrick.Albano@pierpont.edu

Amanda Barber is the Instructor Specialist in the Math/Writing Course Support Lab for Pierpont Community & Technical College. She received a BS in Mathematics from Fairmont State University. She has previously worked as an Assistive Technology Specialist for Fairmont State University as well as an IT Analyst for Syracuse University.

202 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4195

E-mail: abarber@pierpont.edu



David Beighley is Associate Professor of Academic Studies/English. He is currently A.B.D. at West Virginia University while completing his doctoral work in late-medieval/early-modern literature. He also holds a Master of Arts degree in English from West Virginia University and a B.A. in English Literature and B.S. in Professional Writing from Slippery Rock University. He teaches Developmental Composition, Written English I and II, Technical Report Writing, and literature courses through the university. He has presented papers at regional and international conferences on subjects ranging from theoretical examinations of social-constructivism in the writings of Zitkala-sa to historiographical inspections of Anglo-Saxon and medieval texts such as Aelfric’s homilies and Beowulf.

213 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4726

E-mail: David.Beighley@pierpont.edu


Debra Benedetti is the Assistant Dean of the School of Academic Studies and is the Writing Coordinator for Pierpont, as well as Professor of English. She was previously Assistant Professor of Writing at Alderson Broaddus College. Debbie teaches a variety of writing courses and has recently published her first children's book, A Season of Play, which has won a Mom's Choice Award, and has been named a finalist in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. She holds a master's degree in English education from West Virginia University and has completed extensive doctoral course work in Education Psychology.

201-A Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4803

E-mail: Debra.Benedetti@pierpont.edu


Joelleen Bidwell is ...

201 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4060

E-mail: Joelleen.Bidwell@pierpont.edu

Megan Echols is the Program Assistant for the School of Academic Studies.  She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education with a specialization in math grades 5-9.  She has worked for Academic Studies since 2011.  Before taking this position, she worked in Enrollment Services and the Business Office.

207 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4596

E-mail: mwoodson@pierpont.edu


Jennifer Ellison is Assistant Professor of Academic Studies/Math. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry and M.S. in Mathematics from West virginia University. Jennifer has previously taught math at New Riber Community and Technical College and Alderson-Broaddus College. Before becoming an assistant professor, she was a math adjunct faculty member and professional math tutor for Pierpont. Jennifer teaches developmental math and other math courses.

202-A Jaynes hall

(304) 367-4897

E-mail: Jennifer.Ellison@pierpont.edu


Ironda J. Campbell is Assistant Professor of Communications at Pierpont State Community & Technical College and Fairmont State Univeristy. She teaches Fundamentals of Speech, Nonverbal Communication, and Freshmen Experience Seminar. Ironda received an MA in Communication from Stephen F. Austin State University and a BS in Mass Communications from Norfolk State University. She has worked as a reporter for radio and television, conducted discussions nationally in areas of human communication, and has been teaching on the college level at various academic institutions for over 15 years.


209 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4929

E-mail: Ironda.Campbell@pierpont.edu


Linda S. King is Associate Professor of Academic Skills/Mathand Director of Tutorial Services at Pierpont Community & Technical College and Fairmont State University.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematics with a Secondary Emphasis from West Virginia University. She teaches development math and other applied math courses.

Library, 2nd Level

(304) 367-4081

E-mail: Linda.King@pierpont.edu


Ruby Losh is Instructor and Coordinator of American Sign Language/Interpreter Training Program. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Fairmont State College.

301 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4252

E-mail: Ruby.Losh@pierpont.edu


Debra Lupica-Scott is an assistant professor of Academic Studies. She holds an MA in English from West Virginia University and a BA in English from Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, PA. She has taught English 0097 (Composition Skills) for more than a decade at Fairmont State and has recently begun to teach the Freshman Seminar. In addition to her teaching duties, she serves as secretary of the Community & Technical College Faculty Assembly. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons and daughter.

206d Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4615

E-mail: Debra.Lupica-Scott@pierpont.edu


Dr. Ray Mainenti is Dean, School of Academic Studies and Associate Professor of Academic Studies/English. He received a B.A. Degree in French/English and M.A. in Secondary Education from WVU. He has studied abroad at the Sorbonne, University of Paris in Paris, France. In 1997 he earned a doctorate in Foreign Language/English Education from WVU. Dr. Mainenti has taught English and French in Monongalia County Schools for 19 years and French and Classics at WVU. He is a part-time actor in regional theater and studies voice and piano.

207 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4294

E-mail: Raymond.Mainenti@pierpont.edu

Scott Marsh is a Temporary Instructor of English. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from West Virginia University and a B.A. in English from West Virginia Wesleyan College. As an adjunct for Pierpont and Fairmont State University since 2010, he taught Developmental Composition, Written English I and II, and Technical Report Writing. He has also been a Professional English Tutor for the Math and Writing Center. He lives in Arthurdale, WV, and is the father of two daughters.

202 Jaynes hall

(304) 367-4978

E-mail: Scott.Marsh@pierpont.edu



Lori Matheny is a Temporary Instructor of the Interpreter Training Program.

301-A Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4252

E-Mail: Lori.Matheny@pierpont.edu



Jeff Noel is a Temporary Instructor of Mathematics. He holds an M.S. in Mathematics from Washington State University. He previously taught at both Pierpont and Fairmont State as an Adjunct Professor and worked as a Professional Tutor at the Math and Writing Center. He currently teaches developmental math and intermediate algebra.

202-A Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4991

E-mail: Jeffery.Noel@pierpont.edu



Nancy W. Parks is the Director of Testing, Assessment & Advising and Associate Professor of Academic Studies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from Fairmont State College and a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a specialization in Teaching in Higher Education from West Virginia University. She has also completed doctoral hours at WVU and Grambling State University. Parks designed the college’s Early Assessment program, which delivers academic outreach services to area high schools.  She also administers placement testing for first-year students and has worked with first-year students at Fairmont State since 1989.

213 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4990

E-mail: Nancy.Parks@pierpont.edu

Jim Savchuk

Jim Savchuk is Assistant Professor of Academic Studies/English at the Caperton Center in Clarksburg. He teaches Composition Skills, Written English, and Introduction to Literature. He is a doctoral student in the English program at the University of Miami. His dissertation examines articulations of national subjectivity in antebellum America. After completing two years of graduate study in philosophy at Ohio University, he received a MA in English from Bowling Green State University. He has presented papers on film and modern American poetry at interdisciplinary, literary, and pop culture conferences in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.


124 Caperton Center/200 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4049

E-mail: James.Savchuk@pierpont.edu

 Sandra Woods

Dr. Sandra R. Woods is a Professor of Academic Studies/English. She holds an MLA (liberal arts) from the Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in English from West Virginia University. Since participating in a 1993 FACDIS seminar on internationalizing composition studies, all of her writing classes have had an international component. Her sections of Composition Skills have focused "the world of work" as well as folklore and fairy tales from various cultures. Dr. Woods regularly teaches a variety of English courses at the Caperton Center and has conducted a course on the personal essay for the college's Lifelong Learners program. She has served as a faculty adviser, a WebCT mentor, and since 2000, a reader for the AP English Language examination.


127 Caperton Center/201 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4035

E-mail: Sandra.Woods@pierpont.edu


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