Drafting/Design Engineering Tech Outcomes

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Dr. Jerry Bacza, Dean
School of Business, Aviation and Technology
Room 302a Engineering Tech Building
Phone: 304.367.4632
E- Mail: Gerald.Bacza@pierpont.edu

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Chris Toothman, Program Coordinator
Professor: Drafting/Design Engineering Technology
Room 408 Engineering Technology
Phone: 304.367.4977
E-Mail: John.Toothman@pierpont.edu

Program Educational Objectives for Drafting/Design Engineering Technology:
1  Ability to use tools and technologies of the CAD draftsperson effectively
2 Competency using a computer workstation to produce engineering drawings and how the system manages engineering related data
3 Competency with manual drawing on a board.
4  Competency with Drafting Standards
5 Ability to complete and edit drawings in the various disciplines such as Mechanical, Architecture, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Piping
6 Ability to design, analyze and use engineering drawings to improve processes and products.
7 Commitment to quality and continuous quality improvement.
8 Demonstration of good oral, written, and graphical communication
9 Ability to appreciate and engage in life long learning
10 Function effectively as a team member
11 Understand the importance of ethical behavior in the professions, society and economy
12 Competency to enter the job market.
Program Outcomes for Drafting/Design Engineering Technology:
a Apply basic concepts to multi-view and pictorial drawings. Explore freehand sketching, manual drafting techniques and the use of computer graphics.
b Develop three dimensional geometrical models using wireframe and solid modeling techniques. Develop oblique and isometric drawings for illustrations purposes. Create three dimensional parametric models and prototypes.
c Complete a set of residential plans for a single family dwelling that meets basic building code and construction specifications.
d Analyze and solve three dimensional space problems such as points, lines, planes, developments, solids and shade/shadows.
e Explore various application areas such as mapping, piping, electronics and industrial detail drawings.
f Development and solution of residential design problems using renderings, illustrations and sketches for interior design.
g Design and development of drawing modern tooling techniques that include jig and fixture design for various machining operations.
h Demonstrate a commitment to quality while engaging in life-long learning.
i Function effectively as a team member to solve problems and complete tasks.
j Understand the importance of ethical behavior in the professions, diversity in society and the economy.


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