Ballroom Dancing

Contact Info

Dr. Beth Newcome
Applied Design Program Coordinator/Instructor
Director of Special Programs
B.S., M.S. West Virginia University
Ph.D. The Ohio State University
Office: ED 115
Phone: 304-367-4298


Additional Faculty & Staff-Ballroom Dance

Olivia Bowen
Adjunct Staff: Ballroom Dance
Kristie Kiefer
Adjunct Staff: Ballroom Dance
Michael Kittle
Adjunct Staff: Ballroom Dance
Teresa Sestito
Adjunct Staff: Ballroom Dance


Contact Info-Brian A. Floyd

Brian A. Floyd, CEC, CCE, MA
Dean - School of Human Services
Executive Director of Culinary Academy
ACF Certified Executive Chef
ACF Certified Culinary Educator
M.A. Marshall University
Room: ED 143
Phone: 304-367-4409



Program Purpose:

The Ballroom Dancing Skill Set certificate offers students practical experience and training required for Ballroom Dancing competition and/or for employment as Ballroom Dancing teachers in a variety of venues, including private dance studios and/or social dance event businesses. This certificate requires 20 credit hours that can also be applied as electives towards any degree requiring elective hours. Many students in various programs opt to complete the ballroom dance certificate as they complete required elective hours within their major. These credits are also transferable hours to other colleges/ universities as elective hours and can be applied towards graduation and financial aid credit hour requirements. Pierpont provides an annual examination with a certified ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) examiner to allow all students in the program an opportunity to test at bronze, silver, and gold levels. In addition, Pierpont and its partner institution, Fairmont State University, sponsor the ballroom dance student association which provides students an opportunity to complete in regional competitions with other teams from major universities.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Ballroom Dance skill set certificate students will be able to do the following:

  • Dance at Bronze level or above (Silver or Gold) in International Standard, Latin, and American Smooth and Rhythm styles;
    1. International-style; waltz, tango, fox trot, quickstep
    2. International Latin; cha cha, rumba, salsa, samba, jive
    3. American Smooth; waltz, tango, fox trot, quickstep
    4. American Rhythm; cha cha, rumba, swing
  • Dance at Gold level in ONE or more of the four styles and dance at Gold level in American Smooth and Rhythm styles;
  • Teach both male and female dance moves and posture;
  • Identify music repertoires and count rhythms and music used for ballroom dancing
  • Discuss the history, culture, etiquette, and related behaviors for various dance styles
  • Test through ISTD examination at bronze, silver, and gold medal levels


Upon successful completion of the Ballroom Dancing certificate, students will be eligible to apply their Gold level "amateur" medal(s) to competitions for "professional" medal(s) through (ISTD) (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing).   Students who earn Gold-level distinctions in all four areas of dance through ISTD will also be eligible to apply to be a certified examiner with ISTD.  Students with the Ballroom Dancing certificate are eligible to teach Ballroom Dancing in the some public and private schools, including adult education classes. Students with this certificate are often recruited to be instructors at private schools of dance and instructor/performers for international entertainment industries, including cruise lines, and luxury hotels and resorts where social ballroom dancing instruction is promoted.

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