Contact Info

Rusty Taylor
EMMS Instructor
214 Merchant Street Facility
Phone: 304-367-4718


Contact Info

Ben Tacy
Interem Program Coordinator 
214 Merchant Street Facility
Phone: 304-367-4501


Additional Faculty & Staff-EMMS

Joseph Bennett
Adjunct Faculty: EMMS
Timothy Curry
Adjunct Staff: EMMS


Contact Info-Brian A. Floyd

Brian A. Floyd, CEC, CCE, MA
Dean - School of Human Services
Executive Director of Culinary Academy
ACF Certified Executive Chef
ACF Certified Culinary Educator
M.A. Marshall University
Room: ED 143
Phone: 304-367-4409
Email: brian.floyd@pierpont.edu


12 month CAS degree  + AAS Degree Programs

Admission Procedures

1) Meet the general admission requirements

2) Submit a resume to the Office of Admissions if the candidate

is not a recent high school graduate.

3) Submit official high school transcript or verified GED score,

ACT or SAT scores if applicable.

4) Students admitted to the program must complete a physical examination and required immunizations prior to participation in any EMS Practicum course.



1) Current Healthcare Provider CPR Card

2) Current EMT-Basic Card (NREMT and/or WVOEMS) -

(EMMS 1103 EMT-Basic 7 hours)

3) Anatomy & Physiology Course - (HLCA 1170 HUMAN

ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 3 hours and HLCA 1171


4) Remedial Math, Reading and or English Courses or higher completed or test scores above remedial


MODEL SCHEDULE   Total Program Hours       39 CHs
1 Year Program              
SPRING TERM              
     EMMS 1106   EMS Practicum I (102 hrs)       2 CHs
     EMMS 1107   Basic Trauma Life Support Provider Course       1 CHs
     EMMS 1110   Introduction to ALS Skills       3 CHs
     EMMS 2207   Airway Management & Advance Patient Assessment       2 CHs
     EMMS 2208   Shock Trauma Resuscitation       3 CHs
     EMMS 2212   Medical Emergencies II       4 CHs
                                                                                    Total       15 CHs
SUMMER TERM                   
     EMMS 1100   Introduction to EMS       2 CHs
     EMMS 2209   EMS Practicum II (74 hrs)       2 CHs
     EMMS 1104   EMS Operations       2 CHs
     EMMS 2211   EMS Practicum III (94 hrs)       2 CHs
                                                                                Total       8 CHs
FALL TERM              
     EMMS 2200   Advanced Cardiac Life Support       1 CHs
     EMMS 2201   Pediatric Ed for Prehospital Providers       1 CHs
     EMMS 2202   Advanced Medical Life Support       1 CHs
     EMMS 2203   ALS Skills Lab       2 CHs
     EMMS 2210   Medical Emergencies I       4 CHs
     EMMS 2213   Special Patients & Situations       2 CHs
     EMMS 2214   EMS Practicum IV (110 hrs)       3 CHs
     EMMS 2995   Assessment Based Management       2 CHs
                                                                                Total       16 CHs

EMMS 2209 & 2211 run (May thru July) 10 weeks




Q: How much will this program cost me?
A: Tuition and Fees: $5397 (2010-11) $5480 (2011-12) $5697 (2012-13)
  Books and supplies: $1,000
  On-campus room & board: $6,926 (2010) $6864-$8376 (2011-12), $7180-10,074 (2012-13)
  other costs Equipment $30, Exams $170

new student fee $120

2011-12 Catalog     What's Included for 2012-13?
Q: What are my financing options?
A: In addition to any grant and scholarship aid for which they are eligible, 22% (2011-12), 62% (2012-13) graduates used loans to finance their education. The median debt for program graduates
Federal loans Median Debt (2010,2011,2012) $8,212; $9453; $10450
Institution financing plan none taken
 Private educational loans  none taken
Q: How long will it take me to complete this program?

A: The program is designed to take 12 months to complete.   0% of graduates from this program finished in this time in 2010-11; 85% completed the program on-time in 2011-12 and 92%  in 2012-13.

Q: What are the chances of getting a job when I graduate?

A: The job placement rate for students who completed the program in 2010 -11 was 78%. Job placement was 100% for 2011-12 for completers.

What type of jobs? WV data 

Q: Will I be able to play back my student loans?


91.9 % of students in this institution who took out federal student loans were successfully repaying them (2009 the repayment data was for Pierpont and Fairmont State University combined) In 2010,  81.5% of students in this institution who took out federal student loans were successfully repaying them (Pierpont 2 yr cohort rate 2010), the current sucess of student loan repayment is 70.8%.






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