Paralegal Studies

Contact Info-Dr. Susan Coffindaffer

Dr. Susan Woods Coffindaffer
Paralegal Studies/Land Professional Specialization Program Coordinator
B.A. West Virginia Wesleyan University
M.B.A. West Virginia University
J.D. West Virginia University
Office: ED 144

Additional Faculty & Staff-Paralegal

Merrily Cheek
Adjunct Staff: Paralegal
Allison McClure
Adjunct Staff: Paralegal
Jamella L. Shackleford
Adjunct Staff: Paralegal
Staci Thornsbury
Adjunct Staff: Paralegal


Contact Info-Brian A. Floyd

Brian A. Floyd, CEC, CCE, MA
Dean - School of Human Services
Executive Director of Culinary Academy
ACF Certified Executive Chef
ACF Certified Culinary Educator
M.A. Marshall University
Room: ED 143
Phone: 304-367-4409


PARALEGAL STUDIES  (Associate of Applied Science)

Program Purpose:
Paralegals are highly skilled paraprofessionals who work in a variety of settings under the direct supervision of an attorney.  Job responsibilities require the Paralegal to have knowledge of the law and legal procedures, interviewing and case investigation skills, the ability to conduct legal research and prepare and manage legal documents.  Interpersonal communication and office management skills are also important for success.  The Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies is designed to build professional competencies in each of these areas.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies students will be able to do the following:
• Apply knowledge of local, state, and federal law and legal procedures in a variety of situations, both civil and criminal.
• Apply concepts of interviewing and case investigation skills in a variety of situation to establish baseline information for cases being handles through the law practice.
• Conduct independent legal research using primary and secondary documents, both physical and from on-line databases.
• Prepare and manage legal documents for multiple applications, maintaining confidentiality, security, ethical issues.
• Practice and apply interpersonal communication and office management skills contributing to the successful operation of the legal office.


Graduates of the Paralegal program can enter the field into a variety of paralegal and related jobs. Job opportunities with this degree are; paralegal / private and public, director and coordinator for law office, legal documents preparer (including briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills), contract and estate closing officer, real and personal property appraiser (may require some additional training), assistant real estate closing processor, legal investigation, data collection and analyzing, legal writing assistant (statutes, decisions and legal articles, codes and documents), private investigation, and legal aid assistant.

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