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Contact Info-Brian A. Floyd

Brian A. Floyd, CEC, CCE, MA
Dean - School of Human Services
Executive Director of Culinary Academy
ACF Certified Executive Chef
ACF Certified Culinary Educator
M.A. Marshall University
Room: ED 143
Phone: 304-367-4409


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Chef Allison McCue
Baking & Pastry Chef Instructor
ACF Certified Pastry Chef
Office: ED 138
Phone: 304-367-4939


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Pastry & Baking Arts


The Pastry & Baking Arts specialization will prepare students to help fill the industry demand for pastry chefs.  Additional classes in Foodservice Management program will allow students to acquire the specialized skills necessary for employment as a pastry cook upon graduation. Student will also acquire a strong grounding in the fundamentals of foodservice management. Pastry & Baking students will gain exposure to proper sanitation and safety practices, proper nutritional practices, proper equipment procedures, and proper supervisory management practices in the same classes that the Culinary students will attend.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the hospitality industry employment is anticipated to grow by 11% over the next 10 years. As foodservice operations grow, so will the demand for qualified employees to fill the additional positions. Pastry and baking arts is a specialized field that currently has a shortage of labor. 

Selective Enrollment:

Admission to the Pastry & Baking Arts program is competitive. Applications should be received by April 1st of each year for admission into the fall program. Applicants to the program must have:

  • a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • a minimum score of 18 on the English section of the ACT (or SAT equivalent) OR
    • successful completion of ENGL 0097 or ENGL 1104
  • a minimum score of 18 or better on the Math section of the ACT (or SAT equivalent) OR
    • successful completion of MATH 0095.
  • Experience in the food service industry or certification from a ProStart program is highly desirable, but not required. 

To continue in the Pastry & Baking Arts program, students must meet the following standards:

  • Pass all courses required for the A.A.S. degree.
  • Maintain a minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 and no less than a “C” grade in all Culinary Arts courses.

Readmission to the program will be determined on an individual basis. This will be decided by the Admissions Committee on the basis of qualifications of the student and upon a space available. Students in good standing who withdraw from the program for unpredicatable or uncontrollable reasons will be given priority consideration if they reapply.

Application for Pastry & Baking Arts Specialization


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