2011 - 2015 Strategic Plan

Pierpont Community and Technical College
Strategic Priorities 2011-2015
October 2011

Legislated purpose for Pierpont Community and Technical College (Pierpont):

H. B. 3215 – establishing community colleges, 18B – 3C-8 Legislative findings and intent:  The primary goal of the Legislature is to create a statewide network of independently accredited community and technical colleges that focus on technical education, workforce training, and lifelong learning for the Twenty-First Century. A necessary precedent to accomplishing the legislative goal is to change the way that leaders at all levels of education, including institutional governing boards, view community and technical colleges. Specifically, that the mission of technical colleges is different from that of traditional four-year colleges in what they accomplish and how they can achieve it effectively and that the state cannot compete successfully in today’s information-driven, technology-based economy if community and technical colleges continue to be viewed as add-ons or afterthoughts attached to baccalaureate institutions.

Strategic Vision:  Transform Pierpont from a well-kept secret to a best-known asset.

Guiding Principle:  Act as a family; treat others as family.

Campus Concept:  Pierpont values its historic links with Fairmont State University (FSU) and in particular, values the unique and diverse options provided for students on the shared Pierpont/FSU campus. Pierpont recognizes that limited educational resources cannot support isolated “stand alone” campus facilities but require a college to fully partner with the communities it plans to serve. The college intends to extend this foundational concept by developing facilities embedded within existing business and educational communities.


STRATEGIC INITIATIVE:  Modify our infrastructure to fulfill our mission.

  • Increase offerings of 5 and 8 week, modularized, and stretch courses.
  • Increase enrollment in distance learning courses through improved management and assessment, expanded course development, and marketing
  • Redesign Information Technology (IT) software/hardware and staffing structure to support a 12-month operation
  • Create a grants procurement and management infrastructure
  • Address gaps in staffing, faculty salaries and support, course schedules, and student resources for summer sessions.
  • Increase resources for the shared Pierpont/FSU Advising Center


STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Pilot and assess county outreach projects.

  • Spearhead 13-County educational workshops and seminars with intense focus on connecting with secondary counselors.
  • Target community engagement in Barbour, Randolph, Lewis, and Preston counties
  • Develop plan for Monongalia county site expansion
  • Participate in Innovations Zone projects at Braxton and North Marion High Schools
  • Offer “family educational camps” at Career and Technical Education Centers
  • Provide adult counseling services at Career and Technical Education Centers


STRATEGIC INITIATIVE:  Build retention resources and services.

  • Establish a Testing Center for incoming Pierpont/FSU students
  • Secure continued funding for Math/Writing Center serving Pierpont/FSU students
  • Fund career counseling and financial aid staff at North Advanced Technology Center
  • Develop program options to reduce the number of students not declaring a major
  • Increase resources for faculty and staff professional development
  • Expand student internship opportunities and participation
  • Complete the Pioneer Pathways Quality Initiatives as required for accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)


STRATEGIC INITITATIVE: Coordinate facility planning with Fairmont State University.

  • Relocate designated programs and staff to the North Advanced Technology Center and complete plans for reuse of subsequent vacated shared campus space.
  • Complete plans for reuse of shared campus space resulting from staff and service relocation to the Turley Center building
  • Target facility upgrades for Veterinary Tech, Early Childhood, Culinary, and Emergency Medical Services programs
  • Address shortage of appropriate faculty office space
  • Assess classroom needs throughout 13 county service area
  • Identify gaps in current facilities as related to commuter students, students with children, evening students and working students.

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