Military Deployment Policy

Pierpont Community & Technical College Procedure for Military Deployment

If you are called to active duty in the military while enrolled at Pierpont C&TC, you will be designated as being on a “Military Leave of Absence.” Upon your return to Pierpont C&TC immediately following your deployment, you will not be required to reapply for admission. The following policies and procedures listed below are designed to make your transition to active duty and return to Pierpont C&TC as convenient as possible.


Please read the information below and review your choice of options. If you receive any form of financial assistance, it is imperative that you meet with the Financial Aid Office and Business Office. You must provide the Business Office with a copy of your Deployment Papers no matter what option you select.

Option 1

When called to active duty during the academic semester at Pierpont C&TC, you may withdraw completely from the semester and receive a full tuition refund. You will also receive a prorated refund for campus housing, meal plan, and parking. Upon consultation with the Financial Aid Office and Business Office, your transcript for the semester may show enrolled with “W’s” or you may be completely deleted from that semester.

Option 2

You may contact your individual instructors to determine if you have completed enough work for the semester to receive an “Incomplete” or a “Final Grade” for the course. The decision of an “Incomplete” or “Final Grade” rests solely with each faculty member. You should have completed at least three fourths of the semester, before a faculty awards a “Final Grade” for a course. If you wish to pursue this option, you must have each faculty member sign below to indicate that they will give you an “Incomplete” or “Final Grade” for the course.

Upon return from active duty, you should re-enroll at Pierpont C&TC as soon as possible. Once re-enrolled, you will have one year to make up an “Incomplete.” At the end of the one-year period, the instructor must submit a final grade. If no change is made by the instructor, the grade “I” will be changed to an “F.”

You may also officially withdraw from specific courses that you do not wish to complete. You will receive a prorated refund based upon the number of credit hours you retain. Upon consultation with the Financial Aid Office and Business Office, your transcript for the semester may show “W’s” for courses in which you officially withdraw or you may be completely deleted from for those courses.



Course Number and Title

Course Grade

(Indicate "I" or
Final Grade)


Instructor's Signature



























I understand the policies/procedures listed above and have selected:

      Option 1                                                                                Option 2



Return the completed form to the Registrar's Office.


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