Commuter Services

Talk to commuter students anywhere in America and they will complain about parking. At Fairmont State/Pierpont, we are about to make a lot of commuters very, very happy.

We recently opened a new 6-level parking garage, adding an additional 900+ parking spaces on campus. We are also instituting new, student-friendly parking rates based on the number of class hours you take. For example, if you only taking one class, you’ll only pay for one class in parking.

We try to make the commuter experience as welcoming and convenient as possible. It starts with new student orientation. (Hint: Attendance is optional, but you’ll learn the ropes faster if you go.) Drop and add classes online. Hang out between classes at The Nickel, where study groups and coffee are always waiting. Call your book order in to the bookstore and your books will be waiting ready for purchase. And participate on campus. You’ll feel more a part of things if you do.

And let us know how we can help. We’re always looking to make the commuter experience easier to handle and more fun.

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