Types of Programs

Pierpont Community & Technical College serves a thirteen county region in North Central West Virginia, including Barbour, Braxton, Calhoun, Doddridge, Gilmer, Harrison, Lewis, Marion, Monongalia, Preston, Randolph, Taylor and Upshur counties.

Pierpont specializes in preparing students in two years or less for practical hands-on careers, such as culinary arts, physical therapy assistant, graphic arts, or aviation maintenance.

“At Pierpont, we pride ourselves on offering practical training that is possible for a variety of people,” said Pierpont President Doreen Larson. “We are here to serve the citizens and businesses of our region and we welcome the chance to be your partner.”



Students can benefit from a wide variety of training at Pierpont. One size does not fit all, and not everybody needs the same amount of training to reach their individual goal. Here is a brief explanation of the various kinds of training offered by Pierpont:

Skill Sets – groupings of classes that help students develop specific professional competencies, such as Computer Aided Design, Accounting Paraprofessional, Office Technology and Phlebotomy.

Certificates – one year programs that lead to professional certification in specific areas, such as American Sign Language Communication, Emergency Medical Services, Events management, and Power Plant Technology.

Occupational Development – collaborative partnerships with employers or trade unions, where students participate in work-based apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and general studies classes, leading to an associate degree.

Associate Degrees – two-year programs that generally prepare students for direct entry into the workforce and in most cases can ladder into four-year programs or graduate studies.

Board of Governors Degree – a flexible degree that allows students with prior college credits, work experience or training, to leverage those towards completion of an associate degree. It allows students to customize their curriculum plan to match their individual educational goals.

Non-credit training – diverse programs designed to meet specific workforce needs, ranging from 40-hour Underground Mining Certification (Red Hat Training), Federal Acquisition Management (which prepares individuals and small business owners to effectively work with federal agencies on contracts), to Project Management Certification.



Just as there are lots of kinds of training, there are lots of “kinds” of students.

Full-time. Part-time. “Traditional.” “Non-traditional.” Adult. High School. Transfer. Non-degree-seeking. Degree-seeking. Lifelong Learner.

At Pierpont Community & Technical College, all have a place and all are welcome.

Some students start earning college credits while still in high school, through programs like Dual Credit or EDGE (Earn a Degree Graduate Early.)

Some students enroll straight from high school completion.

Some students enrolled straight from high school, took a few classes, “stopped out” and now are returning after taking a break from their studies.

Some students started earning credits someplace else and are transferring to Pierpont.

Some students start earning credits at Pierpont, but plan to transfer someplace else.

Some students want to attend full-time.

Some students want to attend part-time.

Some students hold down jobs while attending school.

Some students have kids and/or aging parents who depend on them.

Some students go to school at the same time as family members of other generations.

Some students like to take classes on-line.

Some students like to take classes in person.

Some students have “life” and job experience which could translate into academic credit.

Some students want short-term, workforce skills training to land a job.

Some students want continuing education to help them stay sharp in their current career.

Some students already have a bachelors or masters degree, but choose to come back for an associate degree or other training to switch gears in their career.

Pierpont Community & Technical College offers a variety of training and education programs that can match the goals and needs of all “kinds” of students.

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