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Workforce training programs are designed to introduce new skills or improve worker’s abilities to enable long term success for both employees and their employers. Expertinstructors, typically with related field experience, deliver specific skill or skill set training; focusing on the knowledge and competencies needed to enter the workforce or respond to ongoing changes in the industry. Training can be provided in flexible formats including instructor led in-person, virtually, or a hybrid combination. Many workforce training programs result in valuable industry or nationally recognized credentials. Although most training is non-credit, all programs can be transferred to an academic degree program, allowing workers to continue to advance in their careers.
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Current Workforce Training Programs: 


Certified Home Inspector - Click HERE for more information
September 20-30, 2021

Apprentice Underground Miner Program (Red Hat)
September 12 - October 1, 2021

Pierpont's  80-hour "new miner" course is designed to prepare students for the WV Office of Miner's Health and Safety's certification exam.  A 5023 form will be issued to each student who successfully passes the course.  The 5023 form is necessary to sit for the exam. The exam is given in Morgantown on the Monday morning following the class.  Cost of the exam is $10.00 payable to the WV Office of Miner’s Health and Safety in person prior to the exam.  This is required for a job as an entry-level underground coal miner. Trainees will be exposed to a general orientation in mining, mining health and safety, mine gases and ventilation, roof and ribs, haulage, emergency response, accident prevention and hazard recognition, and miner and operator rights and responsibilities.
Classes meet Monday-Friday from 5:00pm - 10:20pm at the Advanced Technology Center in Fairmont, WV. Class is 3 weeks in duration and typically offered every other month.  Students can not miss a class or be late. Cost for the course is $400.00 and financial aid (HEAPS) is available to those who qualify.
Mining exam is given every Monday at Mine Health and Safety in Morgantown cost of the exam is $10.00.  Must be paid by the student at the time of exam.
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Do you have a desire to teach? Do you have a skill or knowledge that is desired by an employer? If you answered yes, please contact the Center for Workforce Education at
       Autism Mentor Training Program - Autism Mentor Training Program - The Autism Mentor online training is designed to provide aides working in West Virginia public schools with information needed to help satisfy the state requirements of Autism Mentors according to Policy 5314.01 in the state code. The course will provide 30 hours of instruction in ASD characteristics, behavior techniques, classroom strategies, social supports, and other topics relevant to helping students with ASD. It is up to the student/trainee to verify other requirements for Autism Mentorship as set by the WV Department of Education and their Local Education Authority. The Autism Mentor training is also open to teachers, professionals, parents, or other stakeholders to meet the training needs of the broader community.  The course consists of 10 modules that are delivered through the Blackboard format. An online training format is utilized with active support from an instructor from the WV Autism Training Center.
Effective August 1, 2021, Marshall University will directly offer this program. For further information, please contact:
Ms. Jackie Clark, Ed.D.
Director of Direct Services -WV Autism Training Center
Marshall University
Voice: 304-696-3881


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