The Academic Forgiveness Policy does not alter, change, or amend any other existing policies at Pierpont Community & Technical College and is formulated to be consistent with WV Title 135 Procedural Rule, Series 22 Sections 4 and 5 of the West Virginia Council for Community & Technical Education and supersedes all previous academic forgiveness policies at Pierpont Community & Technical College.

Academic forgiveness is intended for the student who is returning to college with a grade point deficiency and for the purpose of calculating a grade point average for graduation only.

Students seeking Academic Forgiveness must meet with an Administrative Officer to complete an Academic Forgiveness Request form. The completed form will be submitted to the Registrar. Contact the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs for additional information.

A student may be eligible for academic forgiveness under the following conditions:

  •  The student has not been enrolled on a full-time (12 credit hrs or more) or a part-time basis at any higher education institution (college/university) for a period of four (4) consecutive years immediately preceding admission into Pierpont, and has applied to and been admitted into Pierpont on probation.
  • The student must meet all institutional degree requirements for the students program of study.
  • The policy covers only students who have not been awarded their first academic degree.
  • Students must schedule and attend a meeting with an appropriate Administrative Officer to discuss grade exclusion prior to submitting the Academic Forgiveness Request form.
  • The Administrative Officer will deliver the Academic Forgiveness Request form to the Registrar.
  • Only D and F/FIW grades received prior to the four-year non-enrollment period may be disregarded for GPA calculation for graduation in certificate or associate programs.
  • Students have the choice to disregard D and F/FIW grades or only F/FIW for calculation of GPA for graduation purposes only.
  • The Academic Forgiveness Policy includes the examination of letter grades transferred in from other institutions that are on the official Pierpont transcript.
  • Once grades have been excluded from the GPA calculation, if D grades are excluded it is with the understanding that the courses for which the D grades were earned cannot be used to satisfy any requirements for graduation and no credit will transfer over.
  • When and if all prerequisite conditions have been met, academic forgiveness will be applied upon the successful completion of at least twelve credit hours of courses numbered 1000 or above with a minimum GPA of 2.0, earned at Pierpont Community & Technical College.

The Registrar will officially calculate the student GPA disregarding D and F/FIW, or F/FIW grades earned before the return to college, however grades shall not be deleted from the student transcript. No grade will permanently be removed from the student record.

Only currently enrolled students are eligible to apply for Academic Forgiveness.

Academic forgiveness can only be granted once for any student.

This policy pertains only to the GPA calculation for graduation and does not pertain to GPA necessary for special academic recognition, graduation with honors, financial aid standards of progress or admission requirements for certain programs of study.

Academic forgiveness is institution specific. There is no guarantee that academic forgiveness granted by Pierpont will be honored at FSU or other institutions, and Pierpont is not bound by the decision of any other institution to disregard grades earned in college courses.

The Board of Governor’s Degree Completion Program is governed by a different forgiveness policy.