The following system of grading is used at Pierpont:

A - Superior. Given only to students for exceptional performance.

B - Good. Given for performance distinctly above average in quality.

C - Average. Given for performance of average quality.

D - Lowest passing grade for most courses, performance of poor quality.

F - Failure. Course must be repeated if credit is to be received.

I - Incomplete, a temporary grade given only when students have completed 75% or more of the course, but are unable to conclude it because of unavoidable circumstance. Beginning with courses taken during the first semester, 1975-76, the letter “I” will be omitted from the calculation of the grade point average for a period of one year following the issuance of the “I”. For each letter “I”, in a grade report to the School Dean, the instructor must submit a brief description of the course requirements not completed by the student. At the end of the one-year period, the instructor must submit a final grade. If not grade is submitted the “I” will be changed to an “F”.