Based on the high school record and performance on the ACT or SAT, the Registrar will determine eligibility for advanced standing and credit in English and foreign language as follows:

  • English: Students may receive three hours of college credit in ENGL 1104 and may enroll in ENGL 1108 if they present four units of high school English with no semester grade of less than a ‘B’ and a standard score of 25 or higher on the English section of the Enhanced ACT or 570 on the English part of the re-centered SAT.
  • Foreign Language: Students who present one or more units of high school FREN or SPAN may enroll in FREN 1102 or SPAN 1102. Students who present two or more units of high school French or Spanish may enroll in FREN 2201 or SPAN 2201.
  • French or Spanish minor and French major: Students electing a minor in French or Spanish or a major in French may satisfy the elementary level requirement, FREN 1101 and 1102, or SPAN 1101 and 1102, by presenting two or more units of high school French or Spanish. These hours will not be recorded as college credit but will fulfill the requirement for the first six hours of the major or minor.

In order to receive college credit, students must take the appropriate CLEP or in house exam.