Students seeking admission to Pierpont Community & Technical College must file an application for admission and meet deadline dates.  The application and any supporting credentials must be on file at least two weeks prior to the opening of a semester or term.  All credentials submitted in support of an application for admission become the property of the College and will not be returned to the student.

Any student admitted upon the basis of false credentials will be subject to immediate dismissal from the institution.  Students who fail to register during a semester or term for which they have been admitted must file another application in order to gain admission at a later date.

All Pierpont students seeking full time admission who do NOT have ACT/SAT scores within the past five years or do not meet all freshman placement standards must take the COMPASS test(s) for placement into English and Mathematics courses. Compass tests should be completed before scheduling classes. COMPASS scores are valid for 2 years from date of testing.

Students should schedule an Orientation session after completing COMPASS testing. Class scheduling will be completed during orientation.

Separate applications for residence halls must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life. Be sure to complete the housing exemption if you do not plan to live on campus during the academic year.

Those who possess a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) equivalency may enroll as Certificate in Applied Science or Associate degree-seeking students.

Without a high school diploma or GED, individuals may be conditionally admitted into the college and as a “Non-Degree Seeking” student can enroll in many of the Community and Technical College courses. Beginning July 1, 2012 ability to benefit students will not be eligible for financial aid. Students previously admitted as ability to benefit students will be eligible for financial aid if in good standing. Following each semester students will be evaluated, to determine whether college-level academic performance indicates an ability to continue. Upon conditional admission into the course, individuals will be directed to testing. 

Neither regular or conditional admission to the college ensure the entry into a specific program of study, nor imply eligibility to enroll in courses with established prerequisites, or entry into competitive programs with limited numbers of students and minimum entry requirements.

Several programs of study have competitive entry, are limited in the number of students admitted annually, and have specific deadline dates. Applicants to competitive programs should complete the ACT or SAT test early and have their high school transcripts forwarded to Student Services as soon as possible in the Fall for consideration into the competitive programs for the following Fall enrollment date. To insure proper consideration, students are asked to make early application to their program of choice with test scores and transcripts (note, some program consideration involves additional costs).

Early admissions standards for high school students enrolling in community colleges are subject to the requirements of the WVCTCS Section 135-19-6 of Title 135, Series 19, “Guidelines for College Courses for High School Students”.

Entry into General English, Mathematics and Science courses may also require defined ACT, SAT or COMPASS scores. All students are advised to make an appointment for COMPASS testing for appropriate course placement and before their scheduling of courses. Incorrect and incomplete information will delay file completion and financial aid processing.