Students may not enroll in a mathematics course unless the minimum score prescribed below is earned on at least one of the following tests:

  • A score of 19 or above on the mathematics section of the ACT.
  • A score of 460 or above on the quantitative portion of the SAT.
  • A scaled score of 40 on the numerical test and 38 on the elementary algebra test of the ASSET.
  • A scaled score of 59 on the pre-algebra test and a scaled score of 36 on the algebra test of the COMPASS.
  • A scaled score of 85 on the arithmetic test and 84 on the elementary algebra test of the College Board’s ACCUPLACER Testing System.

Students not meeting any one of the above standards must successfully complete MATH 0080 Series before enrolling in an introductory college credit math course.  Students must complete:

  • MATH 0081-0088 to enroll in MATH 1101 Technical Math 1.
  • MATH 0081-0086 to enroll in all other beginning MATH courses numbered 1000 or greater.