Students may earn course credit by special examination. To apply for permission for such an examination, applicants must be admitted to Pierpont Community & Technical College. Applicants must first schedule an interview with the program coordinator or an examiner designated by the Dean or Vice President of Academic Affairs, who will evaluate the student’s background, experience, and qualifications to establish eligibility and give permission to take the examination. In order to gain college credit by special examination, students must demonstrate better than average proficiency on the examination, as determined by the examiner. Examinations will not be given for college courses in which students have previously received a grade other than “W”.

Applicants must pay a fee of $22.00 per semester credit hour for each special examination. A receipt for the payment of the fee must be obtained from the Student Services Center. No money will be refunded if any examination is failed. No examination may be repeated. The examination must be filed in the office of Academic Affairs.