Fairmont State University (FSU) maintains four residence halls which accommodate approximately 900 students. Each residence hall provides a learning environment which is designed to enhance academic and social life. Contracts are for the entire academic year and prices vary by residence hall. For additional information, contact Residence Life at (304) 367-4216.  Annually, Pierpont and Fairmont State will determine Pierpont Student requirements for housing. 

College Park Apartments, which consist of 110 rental units, is also located on the campus. Apartment tenants are required to sign an 11.5-month lease and abide by all rules and regulations as described therein. Prices vary based on apartment type. For more information, contact Residence Life at (304) 367-4216.

  1. All freshman students are required to live in campus housing unless approved for an exemption to the residency policy. Approved exemption information is available on the Residence Life website. Admitted students can easily apply for housing or an exemption by using the secure online tool located in Pierpont Portal. All students must receive written confirmation of their release from the campus residency requirement before making housing arrangements off-campus.  Students requesting exempt status from the residency policy must submit the request at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester indicated in the request.
  2. Students must pay an application deposit in order to complete their application and reserve a room. Housing assignments are completed based upon the student’s date of completed application. All residence hall and apartment applications and assignments are made for the entire academic year.
  3. At any time after the application is complete, students may request a release from their contract for the following conditions: Graduation, Withdrawal for the remainder of the academic year, Marriage, or a New Medical Condition that cannot be accommodated on campus. Financial aid is not considered during the release request process. Individuals must submit a written contract release request according to the approved conditions listed above.  Release requests can be submitted at any time.  The deposit refund deadline for the fall semester is May 31st.  The deposit refund deadline for the spring semester is November 30th.   The deposit is forfeited if there is no written cancellation or release request by the semester deadlines. The deposit, less any damages, will be returned at the end of the occupancy period.
  4. All residence hall students and their parents or guardians are responsible for being familiar with the code of behavior and all other regulations that are listed and explained in the Student Handbook.
  5. The institution reserves the right to limit the number of students in the residence halls under its control.
  6. Students who live in the residence halls must purchase a Meal Plan for the Dining Hall.
  7. Room and board fees must be paid in full for a semester before the first day of classes.
  8. Break housing is available for an additional fee during Thanksgiving, winter and Spring break periods.  Reservations must be completed at least two weeks before each break period.  Late requests may not be considered. Contact the Residence Life Office for information if you are interested in break housing.
  9. In cases where a preponderance of circumstantial evidence exists of policy violation or criminal action, the student’s room will be searched in accordance with the Student Handbook.
  10. Any residence hall student who is suspended or expelled from the institution and/or a residence hall for disciplinary reasons will be responsible for paying for the remainder of the housing contract.
  11. All residence halls are smoke-free.
  12. Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are not permitted in the residence halls or campus apartments.
  13. Residence Life has developed a plan to manage overflow housing.  Occasionally, demand for housing exceeds our capacity.  In this case, double bedrooms in Bryant Place will be tripled temporarily in order to provide overflow housing.  Temporary triples will be emptied as soon as possible. Students housed in temporary triples will receive a housing discount based upon the amount of time spent in the temporary housing assignment. Information regarding discounts is available through the Residence Life Office.