Libraries may be used by all students, faculty and staff. The Ruth Ann Musick Library is located on the Fairmont Locust Avenue campus. An additional library is located at the National Aerospace Education Center (NAEC) at Bridgeport. These libraries function at the heart of the institution’s academic programs. Library staff members work closely with students and faculty to develop research skills and to provide a wide range of support services that enhance the learning experience. The libraries’ print and electronic holdings are designed to support the curricular needs of the academic program of study offered at both institutions and to encourage intellectual and personal growth.

The libraries provide easy access to over 270,000 items including books, magazines, journals, newspapers, government documents, compact discs, videos, and other multimedia, and to over 170 electronic databases. Over 70,000 electronic books are available, full text and online, through the catalog. Subscriptions to over 50,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers are accessible through online databases. Over 250 print titles are also available.

The libraries have an online, web-based catalog of all holdings, MARLO, available at

This catalog is searchable from any location in the world, through the use of a web browser, and also contains the holdings of the public school libraries, the public libraries of Marion County, and holdings of the Glenville State College Library.