Pierpont Community & Technical College operates a continuing education and workforce training facility in South Fairmont at the North Central Advanced Technology Center located at 500 Galliher Drive. 

In today’s workplace, employment or advancement often requires specialized training or professional certification. Pierpont Community & Technical College offers a wide array of non-academic-credit programs for those seeking technical skills and job training. Students may be required to meet minimum competency levels for entrance into career programs.

The Center is also designed to provide a flexible environment, enabling rapid response to regional business and industry workforce training needs. It offers both customized and open enrollment training.

Customized training programs are specifically developed to address identified training needs of regional business and industry for their current workforce.  Programs focus on upgrading current workers’ skills and knowledge, professional development and industry certification for adults. Most activities are short term, non-academic credit training programs.

Open enrollment training programs are developed in response to a recognized regional need and are open to any individual meeting the entrance requirements.

Businesses may also lease the Center’s computer and training rooms to deliver their own training activity.