Airline Transport Security

This course is designed to provide the beginning student with a basic understanding of the airline transport security system currently in use at major airports around the world. The student will be trained in security considerations at both the airport terminal and in the air. The student will be familiar security requirements as set by the Transportation Security Administration.

The student will demonstrate knowledge of security responsibilities of screeners and other security personnel, submission to screening and inspection, procedures security and handling of interference with screening personnel, carriage of weapons, explosives, and incendiaries by individuals. The student will demonstrate knowledge of security of a secured area, security of the air operations area, security of the security identification display area, access control systems, and Law enforcement support. The student will be trained in procedures currently in place to provide in-flight safety of the crew and airline passengers.

Other Info: 
Restricted to Specific Majors (see Note below)
  • Must have a "C" grade or better to pass.
  • Aviation or Homeland Security majors only.