Technical Microbiology

Designed for the Allied Health Programs, this course emphasizes the history of microbiology, microbial morphology and structure; microbial growth and physiology; environmental effects on bacteria; inhibition and killing of bacteria; virulence, pathogenicity, and invasiveness of microbes; modes of disease transmission; resistance and immunity; techniques of isolation; handling, culturing, identifying bacteria and the inhibition of bacteria. Safety, cleanliness, and responsibility are taught in the laboratory. 3 hours of lecture and one two-hour lab per week.

Other Info: 
Offered Spring Semester Only
  • This course is designed for FSU Allied Health Nursing and Pre-Pharmacy majors Majors, and Pierpont Vet Tech majors.
  • FSU BIOL 2224 will not substitute for Pierpont BIOL 2205 or vice versa.