Electric Utility Practice I

Line Worker (Section 01):  Supervised practical applications of electrical overhead line worker job duties in a setting under direct supervision of FirstEnergy personnel. Emphasis on skills to safely climb wood poles, the operation of a line truck, setting poles, framing poles on the ground, and operation of a digger derrick.  Upon completion of training, student will successfully pass the Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License skills test.  Rigging, wire identification, and use of rubber goods will also be learned.  Safety topics include:  Rigging Safety Awareness; Fall Protection; Flame Retardant Personal Protective Equipment; Medic First-Aid; Bloodborne Pathogens; and, Good Housekeeping.

Substation Worker (Section 02):  This course is the first in a series of four which provides the student with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to assist with the performance of maintenance and testing in substations and switchyards.


This course is for both Line Worker (typically Section 01) and Substation Worker (typically Section 02).  Students should ensure they are enrolled in the correct Section relevant to his/her specialization.