Electric Utility Practice III Line Worker

Line Worker (Section 01): Supervised practical applications of electrical overhead line worker job duties in a setting under personal supervision of FirstEnergy personnel.  Emphasis on skills required to identify, install, and maintain primary underground residential distribution (URD) equipment, including various methods of troubleshooting URD primary and secondary circuits.  Grounding distribution circuits will also be learned.  Students will develop the knowledge and skill to safely perform rubber gloving assignments utilizing the insulate and isolate techniques, will perform various tasks while working on an energized three-phase circuit under controlled conditions.  Safety topics include:  fire extinguisher safety, temporary protective grounds, stored energy devices, and utilities protective service.

Substation Worker (Section 02):  This course is the third in a four part series providing the student with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to safely work in a supervised capacity on energized equipment and in an unsupervised capacity on de-energized equipment employed in the production and distribution of electrical energy.  This course also introduces the student to power transformer testing, troubleshooting, alarm systems, circuit breaker troubleshooting, reclosers and sectionalizers, OCB maintenance and voltage regulators.



This course is for both Line Worker (typically Section 01) and Substation Worker (typically Section 02).  Students should ensure they are enrolled in the correct Section relevant to his/her specialization.