Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality

This course examines the role and function of consumer and leisure life in the construction, interaction, and management of race, class, and gender identities within the United States. By identifying and analyzing how race, class, and gender positions inscribe and inform the values, ideas, and beliefs embodied by pop cultural productions and their consumption, students will learn to recognize and critique the politicized features that impact such everyday phenomena as TV shows, films, commercials, videogames, music videos, sports spectacles, magazine advertisements, fashion, toys, and the Internet. This course, therefore, will enable students to understand with greater clarity why we make the choices we do when acting as consumers of popular culture and how these choices reflect the race, class, and gender identities and values we knowingly or unknowingly ascribe to ourselves and others.


PR: ENGL 1104 (with a grade of a “C” or better).