Fundamental Nursing I

Fundamental Nursing I introduces the student to concepts and theories basic to the art and science of nursing.  Students are introduced to the concepts of patient needs, safety, communication, teaching/learning, critical thinking, ethical-legal issues, cultural diversity, and the history of nursing.  The nursing process is introduced in this course as a method to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care.  The role of the practical nurse as a member of the healthcare team is also emphasized in this course.

Other Info: 
Offered Fall Semester Only
  • Structured college laboratory experiences provide the student with opportunity to practice technical skills prior to patient contact. 
  • This course introduces students to the basic skills of nursing; progressing from simple to complex. 
  • The clinical experience provides opportunity for each student to apply technical skills to the care of adults. 
  • Successful completion of all laboratory, theoretical, and clinical components are required to receive credit for this course.
  • PR: Admission to the LPN program, HLCA 1170, HLCA 1171, Math 1100 or higher.