First Aid/CPR for the Petroleum Industry

This course covers standard First Aid/CPR with specific topics applicable to the upstream gas and oil industry including how to handle amputations, impalement, eye injuries, severe burns, and snake and animal bites as well as insect stings and bites. In this training, students also learn basic first aid skills such as checking the airway, breathing, and circulation; recognizing and treating illnesses; controlling bleeding through the use of dressings, compression, and pressure points; the use of PPE; and the problem of blood-borne pathogens. The CPR portion of the training requires the successful application of hands-on skills using manikins. Applications will be made to work in the drilling, services, and production industries. Successful completion of this course based on attendance, academic performance, and hands-on evaluations can lead to an industry recognized certification in First Aid/CPR.


All First Aid/CPR certifications must be renewed every two years during your career in the petroleum industry.