Adult students who have been classified as out-of-state residents and who seek resident status in West Virginia must prove conclusively that they have established domicile in West Virginia with the intention of making their permanent home in this state. The intent to remain indefinitely in West Virginia is evidenced not only by persons’ statements but also by their actions. The designated institutional officer shall consider actions including but not limited to those described above in Section Two, “Residence Determined by Domicile.” Proof of a number of these actions shall be considered only as evidence which may be used in determining whether or not a domicile has been established. Factors militating against a change in residence classification may include such considerations as the fact that students are not self-supporting, that they are carried as dependents on their parents’ federal or state income tax returns or their parents’ health insurance policy, or that they customarily do not remain in the State when school is not in session.

Students may get the necessary paperwork for a change of residence from the Registrar’s Office.