Registration is not completed until payment of tuition and all applicable charges such as residence hall rent, board, and fees has cleared. A late payment charge of $50 will be assessed on the first day of class; a $15 charge will be assessed on each check returned for “insufficient funds” unless the student can obtain an admission of error on the part of the bank. The Office of Enrollment Services shall declare the fees unpaid and registration canceled until the check has been redeemed and the additional charge paid. Student records will not be released by the Office of Enrollment Services for any student who has a delinquent financial obligation.

All outstanding amounts resulting from nonpayment of tuition and fees are the responsibility of the student. Withdrawal from school, officially or unofficially, will not cancel any financial obligation already incurred. Additionally, failure to pay all financial obligations may result in debts being turned over to a collection agency. Collection costs, including attorney fees and other charges necessary for the collection of any amount due, will be added to the student’s account balance.

Students attending Pierpont are offered an alternative to payment in full at the time of registration. This is a 5 month installment plan.  Please contact Student Accounts either in person at 237 Hardway Building, or call 304-333-3739.

NOTE:   The term “resident” refers to classification for fee purposes only. See end of this section for resident classifications.
> All fees subject to change. Please see our homepage for the most current tuition and fee information.  From the main home page, select Enrollment Center, next select Tuition and Costs to locate this information.
> Please remember that bills are no longer being sent via mail, billing information, reminders and important notices are sent to each student’s institutional e-mail address.