• Students must complete and submit an application for admission to the Office of Admissions (new, transfer and readmitted students only).
  • For full consideration of aid based on need, students must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the federal processing center by March 1. The FAFSA can continue to be submitted through June 30, 2014 and must be submitted annually.
  • For consideration of eligibility for academic scholarships, students must apply for admission to Pierpont prior to February 1st and submit a scholarship application by December 15th of previous year for Admissions/Recruiting and Academic awards and prior to February 1 (for the upcoming year) for Financial Aid and Foundation Scholarships in addition to submitting a scholarship application by February 1st.
  • Students interested in aid for summer must complete a separate application, which is made available in March.