Residents of West Virginia who are at least 65 years of age may attend class for credit or no credit if space is available. Eligibility will be determined based on appropriate documents reflecting age and residency. Participants will be admitted two weeks after freshman registration begins each term. Registration dates and times and will be published in the Registrar’s Calendar for each term. Participants may register for either on or off-campus courses.

Eligible participants may elect one of two options for enrollment. Participants must identify themselves to Student Services and choose an option at the time of registration.

No Credit Option: Eligible participants will be assessed fifty dollars ($50) per course plus applicable fees (i.e. technology, laboratory, parking permits) when appropriate.

Credit Option: Participants electing to earn college credit will be granted a waiver of fifty percent (50%) of the normal tuition and fees for courses. Technology, laboratory, parking and other special fees will be charged at the regular student rate.