It is the responsibility of students to be knowledgeable of official Pierpont policies and to meet all requirements in the Catalog. It provides the best possible current information on practices and intentions of the institution. Pierpont reserves the right to change provisions or requirements at any time to reflect curricular changes and administrative regulations and procedures. The Catalog is not considered a binding contract between the student and the institution. It is for informational purposes only.

Students should keep informed of current degree, curriculum, and course requirements. The academic advisors and appropriate administrative offices of Pierpont may be consulted for further information.

A student who enrolls at Pierpont shall follow the degree provisions of the catalog in use at the time of admission or any subsequent catalog, providing the entire subsequent catalog is adopted. 

Students who have interrupted their schooling for more than one year will become subject to the degree provisions of the current catalog.

Note that academic policies can change each year and apply to all students regardless of when you begin your studies. Refer to the current catalog each year for academic policies.