Skill Set Certificate

Morris, Karen

Program Coordinator Business
Full Time Faculty Business
202C Engineering Technology Building
Locust Avenue Campus, Fairmont
Program Purpose: 

Promote the concept of owning a business as a viable alternative to working in one.

Intergrade entrepreneurial skill course(s) into a broad cross-section of Pierpont programs.

Student Learning Outcomes: 

Completers will successfully prepare and perform the basics of selecting, planning, and launching an entrepreneurial adventure of their own choosing. 


The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in 2005 West Virginia’s non-farm small business income was $3.3 billion.  There were an estimated 123,300 small businesses with fewer than 500 employees and an additional 87,825 small businesses with no employees.  More than 200,000 small businesses indicate that entrepreneurs, innovators and small business owners play an important role in the economy of West Virginia. 
Entrepreneurs create jobs and wealth that support the local economy; therefore quality entrepreneurial education has the potential to increase economic growth.  An article in the December 2007/January 2008 Community College Journal, “Lessons In Self-Made Success” written by Stuart Rosenfeld and Erik Pages states the following:
“The demand for and value of entrepreneurship programs increasingly is apparent.  With so many factory jobs outsourced, with opportunities emerging in new sectors, and with values changing, community colleges can help the country get back to its entrepreneurial roots.  As the prospects for a stable single career with one company gradually disappear, young people are recognizing that their futures will depend on their ability to be creative, innovative, flexible, and entrepreneurial.”

Notice to Students: 

This program alone does not qualify for financial aid.  Students seeking financial aid eligible degrees may incorporate the classes as electives when their schedule allows or may declare an Associate or Certificate of Applied Science degree major of study in which the courses are embedded. 


Program Total Credit Hours: 
9 CHs

ENTR 1100

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENTR 1110

Business Opportunities Analysis

ENTR 1120

Critical Thinking and Analysis for Small Business Owners

ENTR 1130

Funding Your Venture

ENTR 1140

Mentorship & Business Support Resources

ENTR 1150

Business Plan Development

ENTR 1100 & ENTR 1110 are pre-requisites for this Skill Set.