Advanced Skill Set Certificate

Hamilton, Pamela

Founding Faculty
Program Coordinator, Nutrition & Dietetic Technology, Resort & Hotel Management, Events Management
139 Education Building
Locust Avenue Campus, Fairmont
Image of Pamela Hamilton
Program Purpose: 

This skill set program (under the direction of the Food Service Management program) includes a practicum experience that may be in the hospitality industry, at hotels, resorts, or conference centers. 

The Events Management Advanced Skill set program is designed to be its own program of study, or it can be earned alongside other programs. All required courses are available on-line, in the evenings, through Weekend College, and or are available at off-campus sites. In addition, all of the specific Events classes are on-line. Elective options in the program allow the student to select from a variety of courses to suit their individual interest.

Student Learning Outcomes: 
  • Apply practical and creative aspects of coordinating major events, including conventions, political rallies, expos, corporate training and seminars, as well as large private receptions and parties
  • Develop working relationships with a variety of customers which can be private or community based, business, corporate, or government entities
  • Determine and set structure, purpose, goals and objectives of an event
  • Identify the elements of an event; develop logical sequencing and efficient schedules, coordinating the environment, safe operations, staging the entertainment experience, and accommodating the audience
  • Plan and execute business to business events requiring sound business practices including establishing a customer profile, strong financial planning and management, vendor relations, management of multiple contracts, and accurate attention to detail
  • Practice protocol and process in choosing entertainment, decor, travel arrangements, catering, registration and other staging consideration, as well as build relationships with vendors and volunteers.

Completers of the program will be experienced in planning various types of events in many venues, such as charity events, conferences, meetings, weddings, parties, parades, fairs, tours, fund raisers, tournaments, festivals, product & service promotions, sporting events, concerts, media campaigns, exhibitions, trade shows, dinners, holiday/birthday/engagement celebrations, and casino functions.  Recent practicum experiences for students have included internships with regional county visitor bureaus.

Notice to Students: 

The Associate of Food Service Management, Hotel and Resort option includes all but one of the required Events classes; EVGM 1103 Wedding Planning. Consult the advisor for more information about the associate degree option, in combination with the Events Skill Set program.

This program alone does not qualify for financial aid.  Students seeking financial aid eligible degrees may incorporate the classes as electives when their schedule allows or may declare an Associate or Certificate of Applied Science degree major of study in which the courses are embedded. 


Program Total Credit Hours: 
15 CHs

ENTR 1100

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

EVMG 1101

Events Coordination

EVMG 1103

Wedding Planning

EVMG 2250

Corporate Events Planning

FOSM 1119

Intro to the Food Service and Hospitality Industry

FOSM 2227

Food & Beverage Merchandising