Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies

Cronin, Linda

200 Hardway Building
Locust Avenue Campus, Fairmont
Program Purpose: 

The Associate in Applied Science degree program in Technical Studies is a WV State-wide degree program (non-transfer) designed to meet the following needs: (1) to provide for cooperatively sponsored educational opportunities leading to associate degrees for employees/students participating in quality education and training programs sponsored by business, industry, labor, government, or other education agencies within Pierpont’s service area; (2) to provide a timely and efficient mechanism for Pierpont to deliver educational programs in a variety of occupational fields to employers; (3) to increase the abilities of the use of technology effectively and responsibly, of communication of information effectively through reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and of ability to solve problems through reasoning, information, retrieval, and productive teamwork.

The specific course of study for each program is determined by agreements between the employer/agency program sponsor and Pierpont. For programs being developed to address a specific occupational need, the college will form an advisory committee made up of representatives of the business or industry to be served by the proposed program and representatives of the college to provide advice in the design of an appropriate program of study.  In 2011 the rule was made to cap newly developed AAS Technical Studies Programs at 60 credit hours.

This program is a useful option for individuals who wish to earn an applied degree and who have been trained in areas such as building construction, carpentry, automotive, masonry, electrical, agriculture, information technology and other technical trades. The institution will work with Career & Technical Education Centers in the service area to develop educational pathways for degree completion.  Students complete general education requirements and coursework from restricted content area based on background. Technical electives used to complete the program of study can be a combination of approved credits earned from previous college coursework trade-based training, or vocational studies, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Student Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of the A.A.S. in Technical Studies, students will be able to:

  • Meet the learning outcomes set forth in the general education statements for an AAS degree,
  • Work at an advanced level in their craft with exposure to additional technical, managerial and/or entrepreneurial skills.

Graduates of the Technical Studies, Applied Technology program of study will be able to enter or continue in an in-demand job market with industry recognized credentials and additional skills to enhance  marketability in their specialized field.

Program Specific Admission Requirements: 
  • Meet with an advisor before admission to Pierpont and the program to determine eligibility and credits to be approved upon admission into program of study. 
  • Proof of completion of Career and Technical Education Center program of study through selected centers (currently including: Calhoun Gilmer Career Center, Fred Eberle Technical Center, Marion County Technical Center or Adult and Community Education Center, Monongalia Technical Education Center and United Technical Center), GPA of 2.0 or greater, score of 75% or greater on WV Global 21 Performance Assessment. Current areas of partnerships may be found in the offices of the advisors.
  • Meet with an advisor before admission to Pierpont and the program to determine eligibility and credits to be approved upon admission into program of study.
  • Meet the general admission requirements of Pierpont Community & Technical College and complete all necessary prerequisite coursework (ACT ENGL 18 and MATH 19 or equivalent or successfully complete ENGL 0097 and MATH 0086 or higher depending on MATH course choice for general education).
  • Submit an application for admission to Pierpont and complete and submit a separate AAS – Technical Studies, Applied Technology program application, official high school transcript or verified GED score and if applicable EDGE transcript to Office of Admissions.
Program Specific Enrollment Requirements: 

Required components in the program of study include:

Component I – General Education      15 CH(s)

  • Communication Skills (at least one business or tech writing course)    6 CHs
  • Quantitative Skills/Laboratory Science/Experience (at least one college level math course)     3 CHs
  • General Education Electives      6 CHs

Component II - Technical Core        up to 39 CH(s)
Each program includes a general technical core that meets the goal of developing skills that may be applied to a variety of occupations or that may be specific to an occupation.       

Component III Technical/Occupational Specialty          up to 39 CH(s)
Technical specialty courses specific to an occupational area developed and delivered by the college, apprenticeship courses, or approved courses included in a business or industry training program can be included in this component. Apprenticeship and industry based education and training program courses are to be converted to college credit hours at the usual ratio of 15:1 for lecture and at a rate consistent with the lab hour/credit ratio of at least 2:1.

Component IV On-the-Job (OJT) Training/Supervised Work Based Learning         up to 12 CH(s)
The component consists of a paid or unpaid OJT, internship, or practicum performed in a business/industry setting in the occupational area. The OJT is to be converted to credit hours at a ratio of 160:1 with the maximum of 1,920 contact hours allowable. A statement of the total number of contact hours experienced through on-the-job training may be placed on the college record. This credit will be recorded immediately prior to graduation from college.

Notice to Students: 

Students may not complete a Board of Governors AAS degree and this degree.