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Full-time. Part-time. Traditional. Non-traditional. Adult. High School. Transfer. Lifelong learner.   As we all know, one size does not fit all, and not everyone needs the same training to reach their individual goals. That’s why at Pierpont, we offer a variety of training and educational programs that match the goals and needs of all kinds of students. Here are the various kinds of training programs offered at Pierpont:

Skill Sets

Skill Sets are groupings of classes that help students develop specific professional competencies, such as Computer Aided Design, Accounting Paraprofessional, Office Technology, and Phlebotomy.


These are one-year programs that lead to professional certification in specific areas, such as American Sign Language Communication, Emergency Medical Services, Events Management, and Power Plant Technology.

Occupational Development

We’ve formed collaborative partnerships with employers and trade unions where students can participate in work-based apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and general studies classes, ultimately leading to an associate degree.

Associate Degrees

These two-year programs prepare students for direct entry into the workforce and in most cases can ladder into four-year programs or graduate studies.

Board of Governors Degree

This is a flexible degree that allows students to leverage prior college credits, work experience, or training toward completion of an associate degree. It also allows students to customize their curriculum plan to match their individual educational goals.

Non-Credit Training

Non-credit training consists of a diverse group of courses designed to meet specific workforce needs, ranging from 40-hour Underground Mining Certification (Red Hat Training), Federal Acquisition Management (which prepares individuals and small business owners to effectively work with federal agencies on contracts), to Project Management Certification.

Pierpont’s programs and degrees are aimed at preparing students in two years or less for practical hands-on careers in culinary arts, physical therapy, graphic arts, aviation maintenance, and more. You can check out a complete list of our programs and degrees here.