Getting Started

At Pierpont, we like to make things easy. That is why we have an easy 5-step system for enrollment. Follow the steps below to become a Pierpont student today!


Once you complete these things, you will be ready for your first day of classes with no last-minute surprises. Have questions? Don’t wait – get started now! If you need assistance at any point, please contact us at (304) 333-3684 and we will be happy to help you.

1. Complete the application.

  • It’s simple. Click the above link ‘APPLY NOW’, follow the instructions, and click “send.” Admission is open to anyone 17 or older, and the best part is, there is no application fee. If you would like assistance, visit the Office of Admissions– we are happy to help! (Students under 17 may be admitted through the Early Admission Program or Evening College for High School Students.)

2. Apply for financial aid.

  • Funding your future may be easier than you think, but be sure to get started early. In order to apply for different kinds of financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships) you must fill out an application called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The earlier you get your application in, the better your chances to qualify for a good financial aid package. So apply online today at www.fafsa.ed.govThe Pierpont School code is 040385.Need help? Speak to one of our Financial Aid Advisors at (304) 333-3642

3. Request transcripts.

  • We’ll need to know what classes you have taken in high school or at another institution to guide you on the best course for your future. Submit high school, GED/TASC, college, or other transcripts as soon as possible. 

Mail transcripts to:

Pierpont Community & Technical College
Office of Admissions
1201 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554

4. Take your placement test.

  • This is one test everyone passes. It’s a quick evaluation of your basic skills that helps you and Pierpont know where your college education should start. If you have taken the ACT or SAT with in the last five (5) years, or if you have taken college classes before, you might not need a placement test. But to be on the safe side, contact the Office of Admissions today at (304) 333-3684.

5. Register for classes.

  • Your application is in, you’ve sent your transcripts, and you’ve completed your placement test – what’s next? Registration! This is when you book your classes and get your schedule in place. You can register online or in person at our Enrollment Services Center. If you need help, just call (304) 333-3684.